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by Derbyshire Paranormal Society (DPS) on Saturday, 14 July 2012

What is your

mission on each investigation?

Our mission at DPS is to DISPROVE hauntings and paranormal activity.

Why do
you try to disprove a haunting?

The reason why we do this is

because this is the best way to gain solid evidence. Once things have
been debunked, we are left with solid proof.

What if it turns out to be something non
aranormal? Will you still help?

All our investigators go to every case with an open mind and will

try to help you as best as they can
with any problem. Even if it turns out to be something as simple as faulty wiring!

What places can you visit?

Our investigators are well
equipped to deal with any issues you have and will come to any location.
Be it a
house, or even a museum, police station, or historic landmark. So long as it's within the
Derbyshire area, we can be there in a flash!

Do you charge for your investigations?

Payment? Not a chance! We do all our investogations for free. We are a non

organization and
are proud to stay charge

Do you have any paperwo
rk to do with an investigation?

Yes. We have some forms and contracts that are required during each investigation. These are
stanards contracts such as wavers and such. We also give y
ou a copy of these, as well as have all our
team sign a copy of a form stating that we vow to give untampered evidence and will not commit
any fraudulent activity. What would be the point if we faked things? No one would get any help

What will I as

a client

receive from an investigation?

All clients will recieve a copy of the evidence collected. Video and EVP evidence will be given on disc
and photographic evidence will be in the form of prints.

We strive to offer any help required, so with evidence

we will also give you a document that will help
you and your individual case. This will detail things such as how to stay safe, what to do if you get
scared, how to rid yourself of any unwanted activity,or even how to get rid of nasty EMFs.
ic fields are actually the cause of a high percentage of so
called hauntings.)

What sort of people do you have in your team? Should I be worried about things such as criminals
ing my house/place of business?

All our team members have clean criminal r
ecords and will come with their own reference sheets to
put your mind at ease.

I'm a woman, can I have an all female group investigate?/I'm a man, can I have

an all male group

We have a mix of genders to make you feel comfortable and should
you require it, we can also
arrange for single gender parties. All you need to do is ask!

Do you use psychics or mediums?

No. We do not. We believe in solid facts and evidence. While we appreciate what psychics can do
and mean no disrespect, we do not rel
y on 'feelings'. We rely on what we see and hear in the form
of video, EVPs and photos

I'm outside of the Derbyshire area, ca
n I still get an investigation?

Our team only covers the Derbyshire area, but we will gladly forward you the details for a
mal team in your area. We affiliate with like
minded groups and can assure you only the best
of service from them. Just ask!