Workshop on TCAD & HSPICE

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27 Ιαν 2015 (πριν από 6 χρόνια και 1 μήνα)

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It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that Department of This workshop will give hands-on experience on TCAD Sentaurus & HSPICE tools .Both the tools are industry versions EDA tools by world’s leading EDA Tool Company Synopsys. TCAD simulation software is used for development and optimization of semiconductor device structures. In order to provide accurate simulation results for a wide range of device technologies based on various material systems, a physics-based approach is employed. This workshop on TCAD will give an overview of virtual prototyping of device concepts, optimization of the devices, knowledge of physical understanding of device behavior and intuitive graphical interface. HSPICE is General purpose analog circuit simulator used in IC and board-level design for check of integrity of circuit designs and prediction of circuit behavior, developed at Electronics Research Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley. HSPICE simulation is industry-standard for verification of circuit operation at transistor level before manufacturing This workshop will give the basic idea of description of circuit elements (transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.) stimulus and connections by netlists,various analysis,curves plotting and analyzing the outputs.

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