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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing defined

Dynamically scalable, device
and task
centric computing resources are
provided online, with all charges being on
a usage basis.

Cloud Computing

Online accessible applications, processing
power and/or storage provided to clients
on demand

Cloud = the Internet

Implementation details are abstracted from
the users (s/w, h/w and infrastructure)

Servers (physical and/or virtual) are the
basic component of the cloud

CC Characteristics

Apps (s/w), processing power and storage (h/w)
accessed on the Internet, online

centric computing

Device/platform independent computing

Dynamically scalable, on
demand computing

Resources are available with variable, per
usage costs (not fixed)

Coming a full circle

Centralized computing

Different than mainframe
based models of

Cloud is more distributed, reliable and
larger scale

Because there are no fixed costs, cloud
resources are more accessible to small

Cloud computing suppliers


CRM (customer relationship
management), Email hosting, project
management, etc.


HR, benefits, payroll


CRM, sales and customer
service apps


project management and
collaboration s/w

3 models of Cloud computing

Software as a Service (Saas)

Platform as a Service (Paas)

Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas),
sometimes known as Hardware as a
Service (Haas).


Running existing online applications.

Online productivity tools, including word processing,
spreadsheet, presentation: GoogleDocs, Zoho,

creative web tools

Pixlr, Jaycut, Aviary

dedicated business applications: Salesforce,
Employease, NetSuite .

Available for free or as a subscription service, accessible
from any Internet client, facilitate collaboration.

The disadvantage is that they are not customized
enough, too generic.


Environment and a set of tools to create online

Google App Engine, Microsoft Windows Azure
platform, VMWare vFabric, from (Google and are

Allows quick development of applications without
much additional cost.

Can deploy applications privately or publicly.

Limits developers to an existing set of tools and
languages and platform dependency.


Allows a business to run their own
applications on the cloud hw without
investing in its own hw infrastructure.

Cloud suppliers can use actual physical or
virtual servers to host applications.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
(rent virtual computers); Rackspace
(private cloud and cloud hosting); GoGrit
(cloud hosting, hybrid hosting, dedicated),
VMWare vSphere

4 types of IaaS

Private cloud
(certain physical servers are
dedicated to one customer)

Dedicated hosting
(customer rents
physical servers on demand as needed)

Hybrid hosting
(a mix of physical and
virtual servers to reduce cost and increase

Cloud Hosting
(customer rents virtual
servers on demand as needed, sometimes

Iaas Categories

Cloud concerns



Data theft/loss


Case studies

Amazon Web Services

AWS Case Studies