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For the next phase of Pawz N' Style, I feel it would be very beneficial to incorporate a Content
Management System. With your website traffic increasing and your interest in starting a blog
for weekly or montly dog grooming tips, now would be a perfect time to include a CMS. On this
document I will focus on the areas of a CMS that I believe would be the most beneficial to you
and your website for Pawz N' Style. I will start with the basics and move to each subject for a
better understanding.
What is a CMS?
A CMS or Content Management System is simply a computer program thats helps you maintain
your website. It allows for publishing content, editing and modifying content on your site. Many
Content Management System's have been used for sites that feature blogs, news sites and
e-commerce and shopping sites. One of the main functions of a website which uses a CMS is to
present information on websites, and a CMS makes this presentation of information easier for
Various CMS Software
I did reviews on a few well known Content Management System's and in the end decided the
best system for you and the Pawz N' Style website would be the Wordpress CMS. Wordpress is
an open source CMS. For blogging Wordpress is an excellent CMS for beginners and it is very
user friendly. Wordpress provides alot of documentation to help you along the way. Installation
is quick and easy and newest versions auto update for you. Technically this will make life much
easier for you since this will be your first attempt doing your own blog. For someone such as
yourself not familiar with HTML a editor is provided and the adminstrator section is easy to
navigate and work with.
Another very popular open source CMS is Drupal. Drupal has an active community and
some of the community members are really friendly and helpful. Drupal is very powerful, with
thousands of high quality modules. Some of the weaknesses I found with Drupal are the poor
documentation, very steep learning curve, difficult and time consuming to run and maintain. For
these reasons I don't suggest using Drupal.
Joomla is a very powerful and extensible open source CMS. It offers alot of functionality and
alot of 3rd party extensions. Joomla also has huge user community and this is very beneficial
when you are looking for help on forums, etc. For the most part you would use their commercial
modules, which are great but can cost alot of money. I have read that the Joomla administrator
page is can be difficult to understand. Adding any sort of javasript to a page can be very
challenging and frustrating. Again with Joomla I find the technical side of this CMS has a higher
learning curve and it is best for developers and for those that need a powerful, extensible CMS.
Wordpress for the Pawz N' Style Blog
When beginning your blog for Pawz N' Style I would like to focus on the basic steps you will
need to get started. It is a very simple process, which I will show with screen shots below:
Go to
Step 1. finding a web host you will not need. Since you already have web hosting and a domain
name with Host Papa, step 1 you can skip.
Follow step 2 and 3 as shown on the screen
Step 2. You have an option to download latest version of Wordpress 3.6 or a mobile app version
Step 3. In this section you are provided with a wide variety of documentation. But for the
purposes of Pawz N' Style, you will only need documentation on Blogs.
Click on link for "Read the Documentation"
Click on link for "Read the Documentation". Scroll down page to "Working with Themes".
Click blog design and layout:
Then under "Site Design and Layout"
Click blog design and layout:
The "First Steps With WordPress: page will give you everything you need step by step.
Logging into the “administration area". You will then have access to your dashboard.
This area is the brain behind your website or blog. This is where the organization begins.
In Conclusion
During the process of building your site for Pawz N' Style, I suggested a page on your site for
providing dog grooming tips to your clients. This I felt would provide great gift economy for your
visitors. And what better outlet for you to provide these dog grooming tips, but through a weekly
or montly blog. By offering a regular blog it builds a connection between yourself and your
clients. It also provides valuable information to your clients about their beloved dogs and how to
better take care of them. Providing a regular blog also shows your website visitors that your site
is current and you take notice of keeping things updated and fresh with new content. This free
information you provide about the dogs and grooming is invaluable information and this will go a
long way when building strong, trusting, and great relationships with your clients.