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To work on the Menominee Dictionary Project

from home:


Download and install the WiscVPN client software


Download and install the postgresql ODBC driver.


Do you have Microsoft Access? If not, you’ll need to get the CD from Sara.


Download and install the TTF fonts for Aboriginal Serif. They a
re available here


) You’ll nee
d to unzip them, and then
copy the ttf file to your C:
fonts directory.

How to connect to a mapped drive.

Instructions on how to connect to the Dictionary Share

Username: dictionary

Password: usnfkv

Path: //

ns for connecting to a mapped drive can be found here

How to download the current version of the MS Access database.

Go to

Click on the most recent version of the database. Right now (2/13/06) it is

Save it to your computer’s hard disk.

Using the current version of the MS Access database:

When it is downloaded, if you’ve installed your postgresql ODBC driver, you should get
a prompt that looks like this….

If you
don’t have the database, server or port already filled in, please do so. Your user
name is your first name. Your password is your first name backwards.

Once this is filled in, you can save these by managing DSN (button in upper right).
Choose the postg
resql legacy driver.

Once this is filled in, you can click OK and you should be able to see the tables. We
work most often off of the All Files form, and you will likely then be able to see it.