Voice Command Module 4.1 Installed

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module installation
, place this document in a prominent location for display to users.

Voice Command

Module 4.1 Installed

Congratulations on
upgrading to the latest in digital voice
recognition technology: your hardware
has been installed
and is now ready to use. Simply follow these instructions:

Hold the “ID” button on your copier’s
keypad to activate voice command mode.

(NOTE: You will not see any change on

the LCD display until the command has

been recognized. You must hold down

the “ID” (Log In / Out) button until you

finish speaking the comman
d (step 2).

Continue holding the ID button while you
state one of the following commands:


When your command is recognized you will see the status light on the front
of the copier flash. Follow the on
prompts to navigate through your
session and set any required options.

For the first 72 hours of use the module will be in
learning mode
. During this time it may be necessary to
repeat your command several times until it is recognized.



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