eNews Tutorial (8 12 grade students)

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eNews Tutorial (8


grade students)

The Issaquah School District requires that students will understand and apply current and emerging technologies to
extend their personal abilities and productivity. This technology graduation requirement
specifies that students must be
able to demonstrate a minimum proficiency level in technology

There are two options for students to meet the technology graduation requirement:


Software Technology course (recommended)

The high school
Software Technology

ourse includes skill development in Internet, word processing, spreadsheets,
database, presentation software, voice recognition, and web page design. The course provides an in
exploration in each of the areas listed. Additionally the course satisfies

.5 CTE credit.

Students in the class of 2011
are required to earn 2.0 CTE credits, the class of 2012 and beyond are required to earn 1.0 CTE credits.

The district recommends that students meet this requirement by successful completion of the
Software Tec

class by the end of their 10th grade year. Should a student's schedule prohibit meeting that timeline the class may
be taken during the 11th or 12th grade year.


Technology Challenge Test

Students who believe they are already technology proficient m
ay elect to demonstrate their proficiency by taking
the Technology Challenge Test. Students, who pass the test are waived from the class, but will not earn the .5 CTE

The Technology Challenge Test requires an 80% score or above to demonstrate maste
ry and earn exemption from
Software Technology
The test is composed of 51 task based questions on Microsoft Office 2007 (Word,
Excel, PowerPoint, and Access), 4 multiple choice questions about online safety and privacy, and the creation of a

page web site which includes a hyperlink, graphic, and basic formatting using Word or Notepad.

Students interested in taking the Technology Challenge Test have access to an online tutorial. The tutorial is
designed to prepare students for the test. For
more information about the tutorial, visit:

An eNews with sp
ecific dates, times, locations, and registration information will be sent through school eNews
when dates have been set.