Linux System Administration


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Linux System Administration

4 days
Class Times:

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
End time each day depends on class progress
Course Objective
To install, configure and attach a new Red Hat Linux system to an existing production

Course Summary

For users of Linux (or UNIX) who want to start building skills in systems administration
on Red Hat Linux, to a level where they can attach and configure a workstation on an
existing network. See complete details below.


An operator who can perform system administration tasks to a level where
he/she can install, configure, and attach a new Red Hat Linux workstation to an
existing network.

Linux or UNIX users, who understand the basics of Red Hat Linux, that desire
further technical training to begin the process of becoming a system

esential or equivalent experience with Red Hat Linux.

Unit 1 – System Administrative access
· Configure administrative access through ssh
· Configure privilege escalation with sudo.
Unit 2 - Package Management
· Manage software on system using yum
· Customizing your own YUM repository
· Configure priority of YUM
Unit 3 - System Services and Security
· SELinux management
· Time system management
· Syslogd management
· Remote VNC configuration
· CUPS and printer sharing
Unit 4 - System Initialization
· Boot process in detail
· Recovering the server in conditions of boot failure
· Customizing initrd
· Services script and startup management

Unit 5 - Network Configuration
· IPV4 network configuration
· SSHD server configuration and troubleshooting
· NFS server configuration and troubleshooting
· SAMBA server configuration and troubleshooting
· DNS server configuration
· DHCP server configuration

Unit 6 - Filesystem Administration
· Quota management for users and groups
· System backup and recovery with tar and cpio
· Mounting over NFS and SAMBA
· Permissions when using NFS and SAMBA

Unit 7 – Advanced filesystem Administration
· LVM management
· Partition management using parted
· RAID management in Linux
Unit 8 - User Administration
· User and group management policy
· Account expiry, locking
· Protect users and groups with quotas.

Unit 9 - Centralized User Administration
· Centralized administration through NIS
· NIS configuration
· Centralized administration through LDAP
· LDAP configuration and management

Unit 10 - Virtualization and Automated Installation
· Automated installation with kickstart
· Create para-virtualized domains with Xen.

Unit 11 - Troubleshooting with Rescue Mode
· Troubleshooting scenarios
· Use the rescue DVD/CD to perform rescue