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Invited Speeches

Rough set in KDD

Andrzej Skowron Poland

Based Support for Building Knowledge
Acquisition Systems

Mark Musen United States of America

Session 1A: Adaptive Systems

Based Quantitative Rule Deriv

Junping Sun United States of America

Dynamic selection of methods based on the aggregation of suitability criteria and weights

J.F. Bienvenido, I.M. Flores
Parra, and R. Marin Spain

Approximating Bayesian Networks by Removing Arcs

YUE Bo and

JIAO Licheng China

Session 1B: Knowledge Representation

Commonsense Knowledge Modeling

Deyi Li, Yi du, Guoding Yin, and Zilin Song China

The Visualisation of Multiple Views to Support Knowledge Reuse

Debbie Richards Australia

A "Good" Structur
e for Object
Oriented Data Schema

Wu Yonghui and Zhou Aoying China

Session 1C: Knowledge discovery in distributed databases (1)

Mining Citation Database for the Retrieval of Scientific Publications over the WWW

He Yulan and Hui Siu Cheung Singapore

A Fast Distributed Mining Algorithm for Multilevel Association Rules

Chunhua WANG, Houkuan HUANG, and Jun Hu China

Adaptive and Holistic Knowledge Representation Using Self
Organizing Maps

Timo Honkela Finland

Association Rules Mining Based on Ko
honen Network

Weida Zhou, Li Zhang, and Licheng Jiao China

Session 2A: Web
based information services

The Research on Multimodal User Interface for Internet

Xiao Bin, Lin Yingming , Jiang Yuquan, and Dong Shihai China

Adaptive Online Retail W
eb Site

Wang Shi, Gao Wen, Huang Tiejun, Ma Jiyong, and Li Jintao China

Dynamic Web Developing Ways

Yu DongMei, Zhou ChangBin, Yuan ZhanTing, and Wang HaiJun China

Monitoring and Tracking Web Publications

Ho Le Vu, Hui Siu Cheung, and Suliman Hawa
mdeh Singapore

Recommending WWW information sources using Feature Guided Automated Collaborative Filtering

Polcicova Gabriela and Navrat Pavol Slovakia

Session 2B: Neural information processing (1)

Using Artificial Neural Network for Developing Cas
Based Reasoning System

Daqing Chen and Phillip Burrell United Kingdom

A Competition
based Neural Network Abductive Model

Yue Xu and Kankana Chakrabarty Australia

Estimation on Domain of Attraction and Convergence Rate of Hopfield Continuous Feedb

Jinde Cao and Qing Tao China

Neural Networks Based Lithology Identification

Hua ZHOU, Zhao
Qian CHEN, Shi
Fu CHEN, and Ren
Hui ZHENG China

Procedure Neural Networks

He Xingui and Liang Jiuzhen China

Session 2C: Knowledge discover
y in distributed databases (2)

Distributed Learning in a Data Fusion System

V. Gorodetski, V. Skormin, L. Popyack, and O. Karsaev Russia

Distributed Object Recognition through Reactive Search Agents

Markus Volkmer Switzerland

Decentralized Data mi
ning in complex CIMS networks using mobile agents

Liu Kangping, Li Zengzhi, Yang Fan, and Tang Yazhe China

Attainability of Genetic Crossover Operators

Zhang Junying, Xu Jin, and Bao Zheng China

Session 3A: Image Retrieval/Processing

based V
isual Information Retrieval: A Coarse to Fine Approach

Jimin Liu, Zhongzhi Shi, Hualin Wan, and Hong Hu China

Integrating Hierarchical Classification and Content
based Image Retrieval

Kazuhiko Kushima, Michie Satoh, Hiroki Akama, and Masashi Yamamuro


Digital image self
adaptive acquisition in medical x
ray imaging

Bao Jie, Gao Jun, and Zhang Xudong China

An Integrated Image Search Engine

Guojun Lu and Choon Eng You Australia

Spectral Histograms for Texton Modeling and Discrimination

iuwen Liu and DeLiang Wang United States of America

Based Image Browsing

Chaomei Chen, George Gagaudakis, and Paul Rosin United Kingdom

Session 3B: Neural information processing (2)

Improvement of Neural Network Learning Algorithm

Wu Ya
n and Shi Hongbao China

Series Predictions Using Constrained Formulations for Neural
Network Training and Cross

Benjamin W. Wah and Ming
lun Qian United States of America

The Behavior of the Complex Integral Neural Network

Pan Yong,
Li Lei, and Shi Hongbao China

Integrated ANN Diagnostic Model
based Remote Diagnosis Approach on Internet

Li Hongsheng, Shi Tielin, Yang Shuzi, and Tao Yunfeng China

Principles and Applications of Multisensor Data Fusion

Zhaoli Zhang and Shenghe Su
n China

Session 3C: Design methodologies for distributed knowledge systems

A Methodological Multi
Agent Approach to build complex systems using integrated reasoning

Kelly Fernandes and Michel Occello France

A Structure
Oriented Method for Agent Organ
ization Formation

Xu Jinhui, Zhang Wei, and Shi Chunyi China

Research and Design of Multiagent Systems for Automatic Abstracting

Shungeng Hu, Xiaoyu Liu, and Yixin Zhong China

Hybrid Strategies within 2 Web Information Storage and Retrieval Agent E

Lidwig Hausen Germany

Session 4A: Natural Language

The Combination of CBR and Commonsense to Machine Translation

Fan Yang

and Ruqian Lu China

A Sentence Understanding Based Chinese Automatic Abstracting System

LI Lei, ZHONG Yixin
, and GUO Xianghao China

A Text Mining Approach on Internet

Lu, Jin China

Session 4B: Ontologies

based Information Retrieval

Wu Chenggang, Jiao Wenpin, and Shi Zhongzhi China

A Query
Example Information Retrieval Framework Based on
a Terminological Knowledge
Representation System

Thomas Mantay Germany

Knowledge Management for Internet Companies

V. Richard Benjamins and Francisco J. Martin Netherlands

Session 4C: Mobile agents (1)

Mobile Agent Based Push Methodology for Global

Parallel Computing

Chengzhong Xu, Brian Wims, and Jiwen Bao United States of America

XML and Mobile Agent Technology Enabling Virtual Enterprise: A Model for Distributed Document

Weishuai YANG, Shanping LI, Yulong ZHANG, and Ge CHEN China

A Mobile Agent Based Approach for Virtual Enterprise Organizing and Control

Gou Hongmei, Huang Biqing, Liu Wenhuang, Ren Shouju, and Li Yu China

Session 5A: Knowledge
based Systems; and Classification

Research on Internet
based Remote Diagnosis Sys
tem Model

Li Hongsheng, Li Zhijian, Tao Yunfeng, Chen Wenwu, Shi Tielin, and Yang Shuzi China

Automatic Land Cover Classification using Decision Tree with Genetic Algorithm

Kannappan Palaniappan and Feng Zhu United States of America

Research on Cla
ssifier Based on Lattice Structure

XIE Zhipeng and LIU Zongtian China

A Reduction Method of Rough Set Model

Yilong Gao and Liangsheng Qu China

High Performance Computing Application for the Textile Quality Control

Anagnostopoulos C., Hazem Abbas,
Hesham El Deeb, Hasan S.,Knaak U., Loumos V., Nassar S.,
Stassinopoulos G. and Vergados D. Greece

Session 5B: Problem Solvers and Agents; and Reasoning Methods

The Catallaxy as a new Paradigm for the Design of Information Systems

Torsten Eymann, Boris

Padovan, and Detlef Schoder Germany

On Relations between Problem
Solving Methods

Rainer Perkuhn and Rudi Studer Germany

The Development and Implementation of the Abstractional Concept Mapping Theory

Charles Dierbach, Xiaorong Feng, Chuan
Chuan Su,

and Jie Zheng United States of America

An E
RG Rule Model in Active Database Systems

Liu yunsheng, Xu changxing, and Xu guiping China

Online Identify and Control Sidtortion Information in Power Communication Networks Based on
Fuzzy Control Technolo

Qinghui Zeng, Xiulin Hu,Yongchuan Zhang, and Guo Chen China

Session 5C: Mobile agents (2); and Support Vector Machines

On Mobile Agent
based Scheme for Ecommerce on the Internet

Hongxue Wang Australia

A Mobile Agent Carrier Environment with Mob
ile Computing Facilities

Tzone I WANG Taiwan, China

Combine Support Vector Machines with Unsupervised Clustering in Text Classification

Li Xiaoli, Liu Jimin, and Shi Zhongzhi China

Session 6A: Information Retrieval/CBR

BISAgent: Collaborative Web
Browsing through Sharing of Bookmark Information

Eun Jung, Jeong
Sub Yoon, and Geun
Sik Jo South Korea

CBVR: Content
Based Video Retrieval System for WWW

Wu Yi China

Teacher Education and Information Technology

Grimus Margarete Austr

Improve Searching in Digital Library through Usage Analysis

Dell Zhang and Yisheng Dong China

Using CBR for Adaptative Negotiation

Dong Mei Zhang and Wai Yat Wong Australia

Session 6B: Application Systems

Knowledge Based Color Restoration for

Faded Dunhuang Mural

Xiangyang Li, Dongming Lu, and Yunhe Pan China

Research of Human
machine Inter
stimulative Pattern Design System

Zhang Lingli, Lu Dongming, and Pan Yunhe China

Domain Knowledge in Intelligent Data Analysis

Roger Johnson and X
iaohui Liu United Kingdom

A Jini Based Architecture for Agile Manufacturing Systems

Edy Bertolissi and Colin Molter Belgium

Design and Implementation of a New Knowledge
Based System for Demand and Traffic Forecast in
Rural Telephone Networks

d T. El
Hadidi, Ayman El
Dessouki, and Lamia Fattouh Ibrahim Egypt

Session 6C: Distributed Intelligence Applications (1)

A Multi
Agent Framework for Stock Trading

Yuan Luo United Kingdom

A Path
Splitting Scheme Based Distributed Parallel Genetic Al
gorithm for Large Traveling Salesman

Rui Jiang, K.Y. Szeto, Yupin Luo, and Dongcheng Hu China

PANGU: An Agent
Oriented Knowledge Base

Ruqian LU, and Songmao ZHANG China

Session 7A: Data Mining (1)

Interactive fuzzy rule discovery in r
elational database

Ying Chen and Jingwei Huang China

Inducer: a Rule Induction Workbench for Data Mining

Max Bramer United Kingdom

Frame Filtering in the Data Preprocessing for Web Usage Mining

ling, GUAN Xu
dong, and YOU Jin
yuan China

Prediction Method of Normal Association Rules

Lu Jianjiang, Song Zilin, and Yuan Zhen China

Session 7B: Machine Learning

Knowledge Validation And Updating In A Class Of Uncertain Distributed Knowledge Systems

Z.Bubnicki Poland

WILD: Weighted Info
Loss Discretization Algorithm for Ordinal Attributes

Gang LI and Fu TONG China

Reduction of knowledge in incomplete information systems

Liang Jiye, Xu Zongben, and Miao Duoqian China

Session 7C: Multi
agent systems (1)

AGIP: A Tool for Aut
omating the Generation of Interaction Protocols

Luc Koning France

ES = MAS ?

Zhaohao Sun and Gavin Finnie Australia

Agent Cooperative Reasoning Using Common Knowledge and Implicit Knowledge

Lifeng He, Yuyan Chao, Tsuyoshi Nakamura, and
Hidenori Itoh Japan

Session 8A: Data Mining (2)

Association Rule Mining Based on a Simple Rule Set

De Liu, Guoqing Chen, and Geert Wets China

Web Clustering and Association Rule on Web Broadcast

Wang Shi, Gao Wen, Li Jintao, and Huang Tiejun Chin

Decision Rules Mining Algorithm by Integrating Attribute Selection and Discretization

CHEN Xianghui, ZHU Shanjun, and JI Yindong China

Development of A Data Mining System Supporting Quality Control in Metallurgy Enterprises

Wang Daling, Bao Yubin,

Ji Xiao, Yu Ge, Wang
, and
Song Baoyan


Session 8B: Distributed Intelligence Applications (2)

Applying Information Agents in Open Bookmark Service

Ao Feng, Zengxiang Lu, Bin Liu, Haiming Lu, and Yanda Li China

Towards a Collaborative En
vironment for CCISs Interoperability

Zakaria Maamar and Nader Troudi Canada

PROPLANT: Application Of The Multi
Agent Paradigm In Production Planning

Vladimir Marik, Michal Pechoucek, and Olga Stepankova Czech Republic

A Network Model Adapt to QoS R
outing Mechanism

Feng Jing, MA Xiaojun, and Gu Guanqun China

Neuron Intelligent PID Control

Ning Wang China

Session 8C: Multi
agent systems (2)

Reasoning about Reasoning Properties of Knowledge for Multi

Kaile Su, Chengqi Zhang, and Xudong

Luo China

Generalized Aumann Semantics of A Multi
Agent Belief Logic

Cao Zining and Shi Chunyi China

Cooperation Processes in Multi
Agent Systems

Wenpin Jiao, Zhongzhi Shi, and Jian Ma China