Making Prediction Intervals Using Neural Networks ECE539 fall 2005

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Making Prediction Intervals Using
Neural Networks

ECE539 fall 2005

Claus Benjaminsen

Neural Networks are very popular as a tool for solving regression problems.
a neural network creates a model for making point estimates of yet unseen outputs, b
ut the quality
of the prediction of the output


not given
and can


be evaluated
until the actual output
is available. In many real world applications it is very useful to know, how precise a predicted value
is, or how certain it is.

This can

be accomplished by prediction intervals,
which give a lot more
information about the predictio
n than just the point estimate
. In for instance predicting the price of a
specific stock, it might be much more useful to know with a 95 % certainty, that the pr
ice will be
lower tomorrow than it was today
, instead of an estimated value of the
price of the stock

In this project I will implement a neural network that can do prediction by intervals
instead of only point estimates.
The straight forwar
d way to do this is to train several independent
neural networks for the same task, and through the distribution of the outputs estimate prediction
intervals. This approach is rather simple, but results in

a fairly

big model as
many neural networks
might b

There are several

to achieve prediction intervals
, and I will look at
different possibilities and discuss the advantages and potential disadvantages by the different

To train the
network I will use different environ
mental datasets, which comes
from the Predictive Uncertainty in Environmental

This competition focuses
on evolving the best neural network for doing i
nterval prediction, so the data
sets are well suited for
this project. Further enviro
nmental data is often contaminated by non
Gaussian noise, which is
interesting because it might make alternative methods to interval predictions more feasible than the
standard methods.


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