Cooking Appliances Bainbridge Island

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We are a family owned & operated company who strives for excellence providing home appliances, vacuums, BBQ/grills and more.

That's what Schmidt's Home Appliance is all about: great service and great products!.
With brands like: SubZero, Wolf, Bosch, Thermador, Miele, KitchenAid, Asko,
Frigidaire, Maytag, Whirlpool, Speed Queen, Broan, Fisher & Paykel, ULine and many

We carry what you need to do laundry: washers, dryers, accessories and detergents.
Schmidt's can help you replace any or all of your kitchen appliances: dishwasher,
ranges (both gas and electric), cooktops, ovens (gas or electric), ventilation,
refrigerators (both freestanding and built ins) for indoor or outdoors, freezers,
wine/beverage chillers.

We have outdoor ovens and BBQs, vacuum cleaners and so much more. We
deliver and install what we sell in both Kitsap and Jefferson counties.

It wasn't always this way. Starting in 1982, the Schmidt brothers started an appliance
refurbishing/repair business.

Cooking Appliances Bainbridge Island

Anthropology, Brain Size & Fire.

Preparing food with heat or fire is unique to
humans. Most anthropologists believe that cooking
with fire began only about 250,000 years ago and
was instrumental in our evolution.

Cooked food allowed more nutrients into the body.
Some of the afore mentioned anthropologists believe
this led to larger brains which undoubtedly
contributed to the invention of modern
day cooking

Milestones in Refrigeration.

In 1,000 BC the Chinese (of course) figure out how
to store ice. In 1856, a James Harrison was
commissioned by a brewery to build a machine that
cooled beer. Thank you Mr. Harrison.

With all due respect, the selection of brands and
options we feature is as good as it gets, rendering
the Chinese and James Harrison complete schmos in
the annals of refrigerator history.

From wine chillers to eco
friendly fridges, you’ll find what you want at Schmidt’s.

A Serious Evil.

For everyone under 40, the visual above is the “modern
day” clothespin, patented by a Mr. David M. Smith from
Springfield, Vermont, in 1853. Considered an upgrade
from the one
piece wooden peg, Mr. Smith, stated, “My
pin can’t be detached from the clothes by the wind,
which is a serious evil to washerwomen.”

Today, we’ve eliminated a more serious evil which was
our neighbor’s undies flapping in the breeze on a
backyard clothesline.

The best way to describe the selection of washers and dryers at Schmidt’s is seriously

What the heck is dust?

If you don’t want to know, stop reading. Humans
and pets lose tens of thousands of dead skin cells
every minute. Pleasant thought. Add in your hair,
your pet’s fur, and fibers from furniture, bedding
and clothes along with pollen, other airborne
particles and tracked in gunk from outside and
you’ve got dust … and dust mites.

Dust mites are microscopic arachnids. Remember
the skin cells? They eat them. You need a great
vacuum and that’s what we carry, including models
designed with pet owners in mind. Come on in and
let’s get rid of that dust.

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