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Regional Overview

GSA’s mission is to use expertise to provide innovative solutions for our customers in support of
their missions and, by so doing, foster an effective, sustainable, and transparent government for
American people

The mission of PBS is t
o provide superior workplaces for Federal customer agencies at good
economies to the American taxpayer.
PBS serves as the landlord and asset manager for the
civilian Federal government.
The Southeast Sunbelt Region
serves other Federal workers in
approximately 39,000,000 square feet of Federally owned or leased office, laboratory,
warehouse, and court space.

The Southeast Sunbelt Region has one of the largest construction/renovation programs
nationwide with a total w
orkload valued at $1.7 billion in capital projects, $33 million in minor
repair and alteration projects and $373 million in reimbursable projects.

ARRA Program


appropriation (BA01, BA03, BA04):



(BA01, BA03, BA04) obligated

owned/Portfolio lease
buildings touched by ARRA:
67 of 141


Current quantity of limited scope and major projects includes: 4 major modernization
projects, 23 Re
commissioning projects,
21 individual

oofing projects, 11 lighting
projects, 3 chiller
replacement projects, 2 boiler projects, 1 PV project, plus a wide
ranging advanced metering effort touching


lient Solutions Division

The Client Solutions Division was established to serve as

the focal point for customer service initiatives and
customer account management. It provides strategic business planning and congressional support

The Account Management Branch (4PAE) directs our clients’ real estate initiatives. The Regional
Managers lead the region in addressing national customer issues through building customer relationships,
understanding customer needs, and facilitating effective solutions. Leading by innovation, the Regional
Client Solutions staff publishes a bi
onthly Customer Intelligence Report to provide PBS employees with
customer information. Regional Customer
Profiles (
RCP) provides PBS associates with the information
they need to have before beginning a transaction with a PBS customer. Their mission is to

create strategic
communications between PBS, our clients, and our stakeholders.

The Congressional Support Program Branch consists of three Congressional Service Representatives
(CSRs). This team delivers support to Senate State Offices and House District

Offices in Region 4 in a
timely, cost effective, professional manner and to ensure that services provided are in compliance with the
terms of the senate and house MOUs, Senate and House rules, and applicable Public Law. The CSRs
represent the interests o
f GSA while delivering services and support to these important customers and are
the single point of contact for the region.

PBS Top Customers

Top Five Customers by Rentable Square Feet (
October 2011











Top Five Customers by Revenue (October 201













The Portfolio Management Division is comprised of three main functions: Asset Management, Capital
Program, Portfolio Services (includes data management, national performance measures, and appraisals).
The Asset Management Branch is primarily concerned with

managing GSA’s assets to their optimum value.
The Capital branch ensures the submittal of the Capital Investment and Leasing Program (CILP), which
funds the region’s prospectus level New

and Repair and Alteration projects, and also
s the procurement of large leases. The Portfolio Services Branch includes: the data management
functions (including Spatial Data Management or SDM), national performance measures, revenue
management (Regional Rent Estimate team), and appraisals. SDM deals
with the quantifying, classifying,
and assigning of space in our Real Property inventory. The Regional Rent Estimate team submits rental
rates into the various Rent Estimate data sources; the Rent Estimate provides our customers with a base to
develop thei
r space budget requests and provides PBS with a base to develop its revenue forecasts.
Appraisal services assists in the valuation of real estate.

The region currently manages 138 federally
owned facilities and leases space in over 1,400 commercially
d facilities, totaling over 43.4 million rentable square feet (approximately 17.5 million owned and 25.9
million leased).

Our leased rentable square feet total is second among GSA regions only to National Capital
Region, and in FY10 R4 had revenues of over

$900 million. The region manages the greatest number of
client billing records (CBRs) in the country (over 3,800), more than any other region. The volume of the
leased portfolio translates into the most leased locations in the country and almost 60 % of

our region’s
portfolio is leased

the highest percentage in the nation (the national average is 51.8%).

The region’s top customers, based on revenue, are: Judiciary, SSA, and DHS. Top customers for space
are very similar: Judiciary, IRS, SSA, with CD
C next in line (The Centers for Disease Control have their
national headquarters here in Atlanta, another distinction for Region 4). Southeast Sunbelt supports 20
Federal Judicial Districts and four Federal Judicial Circuits, which is significantly more t
han any other

he Southeast Sunbelt manages 67 historic buildings including four contributing buildings to National
Historic Landmark Districts, and oversees robust art programs, which include 444 works in the Fine Arts
Collection and 78 in the Ar
t in Architecture program. The region is also in the process of assessing various
modern buildings for eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places, which could result in adding to our
historic buildings total in the near future.

Portfolio Management

$2.2 Billion in Federal Assets (1,553 buildings

43.4M SF)

$907 Million in Revenue

$142.5 Million in FFO

Design and Construction

D&C Division’s primary responsibility is to oversee and manage the large capital construction
program in
the Southeast Sunbelt Region. In addition, D&C has direct and substantial involvement in the region’s
Reimbursable Work Authorization program, Historic Preservation, Minor Repair and Alterations and Lease
Construct programs. Project management,
design management, and construction management services
are provided to federal agencies on a fee basis through reimbursable work authorizations (RWA). Technical
support and assistance, i.e. Feasibility Studies, Prospectus Development Studies, and Cost Est
imating are
provided for other PBS business lines. At present, D&C is comprised of seven branches with approximately
112 associates and contract employees.

Currently 414 projects valued at $2.2 billion are being managed in D&C. These projects consist of ca
new construction and major modernization, minor repair and alterations, reimbursable work authorizations
(RWA), lease construct, as well as, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) projects.

Planning Design and Quality Branch is home to the Re
gional Chief Architect and provides highly
specialized professional design and construction expertise to Southeast Sunbelt Region PBS associates.
The branch enhances PBS’ performance through regional leadership in the areas of design process and
review, d
esign and construction excellence scope consistency and professional and technical standards. It
also provides a variety of professional and technical resources to PBS associates in the areas of historic
preservation and fine arts initiatives and projects
. They play a key role in maintaining standards and
monitoring the enforcement of professional and technical guidelines for assigned design programs,
including design excellence, construction excellence, major lease construct, commissioning, first
ions program, art
architecture program, historic preservation program, LEED certification,
Building Information Modeling (BIM), building design standards, quality management, ADA/ABAAS
compliance, seismic design policy, progressive collapse/blast policy
, security design standards, and
supports regional courts program, and repair and alterations program.

Lease Project Support Branch coordinates the activities of the Lease/Construct program in the areas of
project planning, scheduling, design, estimati
ng, construction management, construction, project
execution, safety, and project close
out. The branch provides technical assistance to the region’s Real
Estate Acquisition Division in the development of requirements for Solicitation for Offers (SFOs), an
alysis of
offers, review of drawings and specifications and inspection of space under construction. The branch is
directly involved in monitoring some larger lease
construct projects for client agencies including the FBI and

Program Support Branch pr
ovides program analysis, oversight and administrative control of all in
and contract resources for design and construction management and architectural
engineering relative to
new construction, modernization, and lease construction projects. It provi
des technical programmatic and
financial analyses and administrative services to support client agencies including all GSA and PBS
business lines and staff offices. The branch is directly involved in initiatives to evaluate program
performance, process imp
rovement, and program execution. It maintains primary responsibility for the
division’s interface with Central Office regarding human resources, financial management, audits and
administrative oversight.

Architectural Branch manages professional design se
rvices for major capital projects; including
modernization, new construction, and lease construct projects as well as minor repair and alteration
projects. It also manages design services for reimbursable projects from outside client agencies. The
branch i
s home for the region’s experts in architectural design services and they work closely with Service
Centers and Asset Business Teams to provide technical support for all stages of project planning and
execution. Their services include scope development, de
sign review, construction inspection, and post
occupancy engineering services.

Engineering Branch manages professional mechanical and electrical engineering services for major capital
projects; including modernization, new construction, and lease construct

projects as well as minor repair
and alteration projects. It also manages mechanical and electrical engineering services for reimbursable
projects from outside client agencies. The branch is home for the region’s experts in professional
engineering servic
es and works closely with Service Centers and Asset Business Teams to provide
mechanical and electrical engineering technical support for all stages of project planning and execution.
Their services include scope development, mechanical and electrical desi
gn review, construction
inspection, and post
occupancy engineering services.

Capital Project Management Branch is primarily responsible for the delivery of design and construction of
new capital (BA 51) projects and existing capital repair and alteration (
BA 55) projects in the region. It is
heavily involved in the Capital Investment & Leasing Program (CILP) process through review of feasibility
studies, preparation of Comprehensive Project Plans, and Prospectus Development Studies.

Non Prospectus Project
Management Branch is primarily responsible for the delivery of design and
construction of minor repair and alteration projects (BA 54) and reimbursable work authorization (RWA or
BA 80) projects requiring technical or design assistance. These projects are
under the prospectus level of
$2.7 million (current level for FY11) and remain relatively constant at $30 to $35 million per fiscal year.

Real Property Utilization and Disposal

The Southeast Sunbelt Region Real Property Utilization and Disposal D
ivision is responsible for the
utilization and disposal needs of 23 land holding agencies covering a 13 state territory.
major disposal
customers include: General Services Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, and Departments of Agriculture,
Army, Defense
, Justice and Transportation. 4PZ is committed to revitalizing communities by facilitating the
most effective re
use of unutilized and underutilized federal real property.
The division


assets through federal transfers, public benefit co
nveyances, negotiated sales and public sales.

anticipates an increase in the

disposal inventory over the next year due to the June 10, 2010
Presidential Memorandum

to meet a goal of a $3 billion cost savings, and his latest expanded efforts to

the Federal property inventory through proposed legislation that would create a Real Property
Advisory Committee (RPAC) to identify opportunities to realize even further savings
. 4PZ continues to be
proactive towards meeting the goal of $3 billion in cos
t savings, as outlined in the memorandum,

by the end
of fiscal year 2012. The division’s
efforts include collaborating with GSA’s Office of Asset Management and
the other G
SA disposal regions, marketing
services and providing asset management assistance to the
Federal landholding agencies.


The Acquisition Division provides acquisition policy guidance, oversight, and support to PBS organizations
for services and construction acquis
itions. Some responsibilities of this division include:

• Oversee the management of the acquisition workforce, including training and development.

• Coordinate the Procurement Preference program.

• Establish and maintains vendor relationships.

• Oversee t
he evaluation of regional acquisition operations, including conducting acquisition management

• Provide oversight and support of acquisition data management.

• Provide a broad range of contracting services related to facilities management


other related service acquisitions

•Oversight of the regional Contracting Officer Warrant Program for PBS ensuring that only the most
qualified have authority to obligate on behalf of the Government.

•Acquisitions in support of the R4
Capital Program

significant projects include:

United States Courthouse, Fort Pierce, FL (construction)

New F

(FBI) in
L (design)

United States Courthouse, Greenville, NC (design)

Tuscaloosa, AL (substantial completion 9/2011)

United States Courthouse, Mobile, AL (design)

United States Courthouse, Jackson, MS (complete)

Acquisitions in support of ARRA

significant projects include:

McCoy Federal Building, Jackson, MS

Young Feder
al Building/Courthouse, Orlando, FL

Vance Federal Building/Courthouse, Birmingham, AL

Acquisition Highlights


Dollars obligated


million (4,

contract actions)

Small Business

Goal: 30%

hieved: 69.5

Small Disadvantaged

Goal: 5

Achieved: 59.13%

Hubzone Certified


Achieved: 13.38%



Achieved: 16.73%

Section 8a

Goal: 2.5% Achieved: 34.86

Service Disabled Vets

Goal: 3

Achieved: 4.38%

Real Estate

The Real Estate Acquisition Division is responsible for the administration and implementation of the space
acquisition process in leased and federally owned/controlled facilities. This process includes evaluation of
client agency space requirem
ents, marketing space needs, negotiating and implementing leases and
occupancy agreements, assigning space and participating in new construction and renovation/alteration
projects. This division is also charged with backfilling vacant space,
out leasing

deral space, data
accuracy audits, rent bill management, administering the antenna program and supporting other Public
Buildings Service divisions through procurement activities.

It has directly responsibility for the 1,700 plus
leases transaction executed

for GSA client agencies in Region 4.
It also direct regional participation in
initiative such as
National Broker Contract
Human Capital Strategy
Transaction Management Playbook

Budget & Financial Management

The Budget and Financial
Management Division ensures the financial integrity of the region including
financial resources, internal controls, and budgetary processes. This division is also responsible for:

• Directing and administering all regional budget activities from formulatio
n to execution.

• Monitoring regional financial progress against financial plans, including the development of profit and loss

• Overseeing internal controls to ensure appropriate program management and mitigation of program risk.

• Overseeing

all PBS management control and audit compliance activities, including responding to OMB
circulars, GAO audits, and IG audits.

• Overseeing the regional financial management of Reimbursable Work Authorizations.

• Managing the regional revenue program to en
sure accurate estimation, reconciliation, and collection.

Service Centers

The Service Centers business line is responsible for the operation and management of federally
and leased space in the Southeast Sunbelt Region. Responsibilities cover a wide

range of functions,
including operation and maintenance, tenant services, and contracting. The current regional inventory is
more than 185 GSA
owned facilities and leased space in approximately 1,400 buildings. PBS manages
more than 40.1 million square f
eet of space. A major portion of the SC mission is accomplished through 12
Service Centers, generally aligned consistent with District Court territories.
Service Centers are supported by
a regional office. The regional office houses the Director, Small P
rojects Program, and Operations Support.



perform $45.5 million in reimbursable services each year.

The magnitude and complexity of the Service Center operations are highlighted by the following statistics:

114,000 Tenants

3,500 Client Billing Records

largest number in the nation

1,395 Leased Locations

189 Federal Buildings

20 Court Districts and Four Circuits

most in the nation

83 Congressional Seats

most in the nation

114 Service Contracts

62 Construction Contr

Facilities Management and Services


The Facilities Management & Services Program Division ensures the region's buildings are running
smoothly by supporti
ng facility
related operations;
other responsibilities of this division include:

Pioneering the region's energy program and overseeing compliance with EISA requirements.

• Supporting the region's compliance with safety and environmental policies and procedures.

• Overseeing all repair and alteration projects, as well as support the var
ious facility
related programs.

• Providing building operations, such as security, custodial, and maintenance.


The FY09 Energy Program concluded having reduced regional energy consumption to 57,858 BTU/GSF,
which was 3 % below our FY 09 target..

The region is 12.4 % below the 2003 baseline and in compliance
with the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) energy reduction mandates. Reductions were
achieved through the implementation of several energy retrofit projects in our larger buil
dings and by
ensuring their efficient operation is sustained once they are commissioned. Ten significant energy projects
were completed in the past year. The Energy Program, and its successes, integrates into the region's
larger goal of carrying out soci
al, environmental and fiscal responsibilities as a federal agency. Currently,
we are heavily involved in the ARRA program, ensuring this opportunity is maximized to reduce our region's
energy usage and to move us towards the EISA 30% reduction goal by 2


GSA's regional requirements and other operating guidelines insure that we are reducing our adverse
impact on the natural and human environment by: a minimum goal of recycling 50% of the office recycling
as well as 50% for Construction W
aste; buying environmentally preferable products; green cleaning;
integrated pest management; and improving indoor environmental quality.

Building Operations

FMSP spearheads a variety of programs and activity in support of PBS building stock and the heal
th and
welfare of its tenant. It insures regional the readiness in the event of an emergency through ongoing
exercises such the Continuation of Operations Plan (COOP). FMSP coordinates the regional response to
nature and man made emergencies affect GSA ass
ets both human and physical
. Moreover, FMSP
interfaces with the daily lives of GSA tenants and client organizations through its oversight of child care
facilities, fitness centers, and the sustainable operation

and maintenance of GSA assets.