The Automated Highway System

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The Automated Highway System


The Intelligent Vehicle Initiative


The Vision


The Vision

Removal of human error from the task of

Efficiency improvements (increased flow)

Safety improvements (decreased accidents)

Environmental improvements (decreased fuel
use and emissions)


The Vision

(California Style)

Dedicated AHS lanes

Cars following in closely spaced platoons

Automated merging / diverging

Increased lane capacity x 2


The Vision


Technology to allow removal of reaction time
and distance

Decrease in following distance = increase in

Safety maintained by technology

Internal platoons = low speed differential crashes

Space between platoons = decrease in severity of
crash between platoons

AHS Platooning Concept

AHS Lane

Regular Lane


The Technology

Automated Check

Automated Check

Lateral and Longitudinal Controls

Malfunction Management and Analysis

Commercial (& transit) Vehicle Needs

Deployment Issues

San Diego Tests

Mandated by Congress

Took place in San Diego in 1997 on a
barrier separated HOV lane

Systems built by
Automated Highway
Systems Consortium

A partnership between government /
universities / car companies

San Diego Test


AHS is feasible

AHS is not currently practical

Various AHS technologies are marketable

AHS technologies have significant positive
safety implications

Intelligent Vehicle Initiative

The result of the AHS Findings

Very heavy safety orientation

Use new technology on roadside and in
vehicles to make roadways safer

IVI Technologies

Currently on the market

ABS (Anti
lock braking systems)

Night vision systems


Adaptive cruise control

Front end collision warning systems

Automated mayday systems

IVI Technologies

Future Systems (under active development)

vehicle signing of

Dangerous conditions

Approaching emergency vehicle

Side collision avoidance systems

Rear object warning systems

Lane departure warning systems

IVI Technologies

Future Technologies (continued)

Remote control vehicles

Snow plows

“Guard” vehicles for maintenance (unmanned crash
attenuator vehicles)

vehicle “trains” (1 driver, multiple vehicles)
for commercial trucks on barrier separated roads

IVI Technologies

Future Technologies (continued)

Drowsy driver recognition

Intoxication detection

Automated steering control

Automated collision avoidance

Lane following

Obstacle recognition

Intersection collision warning systems

IVI Technologies

Human factors is a big deal

Do people trust the technology

Will people over
compensate for the
technology (or misunderstand its capabilities)


wheel drive in the snow

IVI Technology

Deployment is a big issue

Public infrastructure versus private system

Chicken and egg problem