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Direct Congress

Dan Skorupski

Dan Vingo

15 October 2008


Retrieval and storage of legislation

Displaying collected data to the user

User accounts

Voting on legislation

Discussion forums

Retrieval/Storage of Legislation

Input is (X)HTML and XML, will be parsed by
our system and meta
data will be stored in our
database as well as the actual legislation.

Output in database format whether that be
MySQL or SQLite.

Tests to ensure that data is not corrupt and has
not been tampered with.

Display of data

Data will be displayed through a web browser in
various formats

Input will be data from the database

Output is in XHTML

This will be written in python so multiple unit tests can
be written to test each function/method

Tests to ensure that data displayed corresponds to
user input and against SQL injections

eg. Search for legislation on a certain date; all results
should have that date

User Accounts

Input is user information through HTML forms

Output is information stored in the database

Tests to ensure data gets stored correctly

Tests to ensure automated systems cannot sign

Voting on Legislation

Input is a voting decision through an HTML form

Output is data stored in the database

Tests will be performed to ensure data persists

Tests to be done by human to view the data
through a web browser.

Mobile version

Input is through WML (Wireless Markup

All tests for all modules will have equivalent
mobile versions.

Task Breakdown

Retrieval of data, parsing, and storage

Dan S.

User profile system setup along with database interaction

Dan V.

Site navigation (linking)

Dan S.

Forum implementation and voting system

Dan V.

Testing complete for the above modules

System integration

Dan S. and V.

Time permitting implementation of mobile version