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Smartstart Courses - G.A.M.E
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Friends of Design
Academy of Digital Arts
2nd Floor
186 Bree Street
Cape Town 8001
T +27 21 402 0303
F +27 86 743 7426
School Director:
Eva Csernyanszky
CK Reg. No 2009/014115/07
*Friends of Design is provisionally
registered as a private higher
education institution in terms
of section 54(3) of the Higher
Education Act, 1997 (Act No 101
of 1997), and Regulation 16(4)
(b) of the Regulations for the
Registration of Private Higher
Education Institutions, 2002, to
offer the Higher Certificate in
Print and Publishing course, until
31 December 2013. Private Higher
Education Institution No: 2010/
**Provisionally accredited by the
Dept. of Education

Mar 12 – Mar 16
(1 week)
Introduction to Game
Getting started with the Game Engine Editor.
Mar 19 – Apr 13
(4 weeks)
3D Graphics Basics

Learning the Blender Interface, menus,
navigation and modelling tools.

Modelling hard body 3D objects in Blender.

Modelling and UV mapping soft body objects
in Blender

Rigging in Blender
Apr 16 – Apr 26
(2 weeks)
Game Scripting Basics 01

Understanding Script Language basics.

Creating simple Scripts for Unity 3D.
May 2 – May 25
(4 weeks)
Unity 3D Game Engine

Creating Scenes in Unity 3D.

Creating Animations and using physics in
Unity 3D.

Lighting and Sound.
Jun 12 – Jun 29
(3 weeks)
Game Scripting Basics 02

The use of scripts in Unity 3D.

Scripting Triggers and Interaction.

Scripting spawning objects and playing
Aug 13 – Aug 24
(2 weeks)
Game Scripting Basics 03
Creating a simple space game.
Sep 10 – Sep 21
(2 weeks)
User Interface Design

The basics of User Interface and how they
should work

Creating a good user interface design
Oct 1 – Oct 12
(2 weeks)
Level Design Basics

The difference between level design and a
working level

Planning a level
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