Safer C / Coding Pitfalls - Automotive 2012

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Safer C / Coding Pitfalls


Goal of the tutorial is that participants know how frequently occuring faults

in software for embedded
systems can be avoided.

A particular focus are the

errors induced by the peculiarities of the C

The tuto
rial consists of two parts.

The first part is a general introduction

to the natures of faults and
errors including a definition of the terms.

It also focusses on

the development of the C language
standard and some of its


The second part trea
ts C language traps and best practices and beyond that

touches also issues
occuring in particular in embedded systems.

Many examples

are presented, which have been
extracted in most cases from errors that occured in real


Code snippets are displ
ayed and the
participants are asked to find possible errors

before the solution is presented and discussed.

It is explained in detail how a standard conform compiler behaves at error

prone constructs.

effect of the course is thus a deep understandin
g of

static code analysis.

Issues of C expression evaluation as e.g. balancing, integer promotion are handled,

as well as the
related MISRA construct of underlying type.

Suggestions are

presented how to deal with the
numerous generic C matters as e.g. mac

The course emphasizes on topics related in particular to
embedded systems as

concurrency, unions, alignment, and endianess.

Speaker Presen

Jost Brachert

Robert Bosch GmbH

Cross Divisional Group

Software, Methods and Tools


p Manager

Frank Böhland

Robert Bosch GmbH

Cross Divisional Group

Software, Methods and Tools


SW Architect

SMT is a Cross Divisional Group in the Robert Bosch Company UBK (Unternehmensbereich

SMT develops Base Soft
ware (CUBAS) that can be used in all UBK projects in order to increase

It develops methods and tools for UBK wide cooperation mainly based on AUTOSAR.

SMT/ESB1 ist the group responsible for the software architecture of CUBAS and for software
ntegration, integration test and delivery to the different UBK product lines as ABS and

ESP systems,
engine management, transmission control, driver assistant systems as radar, video and park pilot
systems, as well as airbag systems, body controllers, etc.