Embedded Systems Lab X

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Embedded Systems Lab X

Lab Title

Group Member(s)

Student ID(s)


Purpose of Lab

Write a brief statement of the overall purpose/goals of the lab, covering all sections and
subsections. This should only be a short paragraph or two, but grammar and spe
count. Not much detail…more like an executive summary covering only the important
points of what you were supposed to learn.

This is worth 10 points and grammar and
spelling count.

Subsection 1


A little more detail here on the specific subs


Explain what you did and how. Purpose and procedure and how you organize the lab
report are worth 10 points in aggregate. Spelling and grammar count, but not as much.


This is the most important section. In all these se
ctions, grammar and spelling count, as
well as content. Make sure your explanations are clear and your thought processes and
analysis are apparent to me (not just to you

I’m the one grading these). Include
descriptions of what you did to investigate inte
resting or unexpected results.

You might put code fragments here, possibly boxed or set off somehow, but don’t include
complete code listing unless it really makes sense to do that. (Use the appendices,
instead.) This document is a prose document, not a c
ode listing.


Optionally, comment on what you learned or what you observed. This is a good section
to make sure I see that you “got it.” Your results and comments are worth 40 points. How
you organize and present what was learned, including appendi
ces, is important. Grammar
and spelling still count.

Subsection i

Summary of Lab

Brief statement summarizing what you learned. Not just a re
statement of the purpose,
but what was really new or unexpected.

Another 10 points to summarize the lab.


This is the most likely place for full code listings. It is good to put code fragments in the
body so I don‘t have to bounce around, but bulk code goes here.