Two single blind experiences of unwell-being and sickness by radiofrequency radiation of wireless communication systems (hotspots, WIFI, UMTS (3G)-antennas).

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Two single blind experiences of unwell
being and sickness by radiofrequency radiation of wireless communication systems (hotspots,


Week February 21 to 25, 2005. I had to work in the exhibition halls of the Royal Dutch Jaarbeu
rs in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I have done
exactly the same work for the same exhibition in 2003, without any well
being or health complaints. The circumstances were exactly the
same: set up of the exhibition stand, materials, computers. I did not expect
any problems. During the days I became very sick. In the night at
home I had a lot of pain in muscles and head (my brain felt like 'radiating'). One night I vomited. In the halls I felt 'elec
tric currents' in my
fingers, dizzyness and painful legs. At the
end of the day I could not read the signs at the railway station anymore. The next morning I could
again. Only Friday afternoon I checked the halls and in each hall I found 4 antennas for mobile communication, about 5 metres

above the

The first ex
tension of ca. 70 Access Points will be realised in the Utrecht Jaarbeurs. From 1 april (2004) all the halls and the congress

centre will have full wireless internet. All visitors with a laptop or PDA can use internet at a high speed then, acoording t
o a p
ress release of
KPN (a Dutch telephone company, also provider of wireless communication). Source:, January 16, 2004.

Apparently my experience is related to and even caused by the radiation of these antennas, since they are the only differ
ence between now
and two years ago. There may be co
factors, like UMTS (3G) antennas recently placed in the same area, some of them can be found in the
antenna register. My health has been checked intensively in 2003/2004 and I do not have any medical or p
sychiatric disease or abnormality.


Tuesday 24, 2005. I work in the congress centre Maasgebouw, the entrance building of the Rotterdam football stadium in Rotter
dam, The
Netherlands. Again, I have done exactly the same work some years before (to visit
and cover a conference, as a journalist), without any well
being or health complaints. I was not prepared to meet any problem. This time I became severely sick, swollen belly, painful
muscles and
'radiating' head, 'electric currents' in fingers and teeth.
At the end of the conference I could not read the projections anymore. At the end of
the morning I checked the vicinity and found many antennas attached to the lighting masts of the stadium. When I tried to sen
d the article by
laptop and cellphone, using b
luetooth, the connection was disturbed. I hade to move elsewhere to send the article, successfully. When I stood
behind a very fat man, in line to the closest mast, I had less pain. Apparently he absorbed part of the radiation.

According to a press releas
e the Rotterdam Feyenoord Stadium offers wireless internet as the first stadium in Europe. The service is offered
to all the visitors of the congress centre, Brasserie de Cuyperij and the business units. WinQ has realised the service. Sour
l, September 30, 2003.

The same comment as before. Probably UMTS (3G)
antennas are there too, as far as I can recognize them, though they are not yet in the
antenna register.

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being, health and wireless communicatio
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