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LSTA Grant Meeting 11

Present: Elena Rosenfeld, Susan Staples, Bob Arellano, Charlene Parker, Nicanor Diaz
(all HPLD), Tom Teixeira (Weld Housing Authority)

Due to budget constraints, the City of Greeley will not provide staffing for the SE

Center including Homework Help. Some options that the group reviewed



Just providing classes

Have 6 laptop computers that staff bring to the center for teaching classes x
per week (mobile lab model)

Have a monthly
schedule that would incorporate learning/skills acquisition

Just need HPLD staff

this option becomes very difficult for HPLD staff because of set up, and take down.


Classes + 6 computers (mounted on carts)

Have HPLD provide classes

Have volunteers av
ailable to monitor lab but do not offer assistance


If HPLD is part of the selection process” then would have to be part of the


HPLD have fliers (FAQs) on how to get email web, etc.


Using apartment residents who need to fulfill community service ho
urs in
exchange for reduce/free rate. Would be a case by case situation and may
compromise security. Volunteer residents may be short term. May be able to
use residents to assist but may not be a good choice for unlock, lock.


Have solid staffing in fac
ility during open hours


Have adequate staffing to provide classes

Have staffing/volunteers to provide homework, computer help to users (provide
services that Evans staff manage)

Have defined hours for services (ie. 1
3p = job hunt time; 3
5p =
homework help
time; etc).


HPLD provides classes in morning/afternoon

Have other agencies cover other classes and homework help

HPLD staff member work with other agencies to cover SRP


Security Guards in Literacy Center

Currently, the c
ost of security
guards in apartment complex is $12,000.00 for 4

a week

for 5 months.

(Spring, summer months)

Is there a possibility rather than have people staff the computer center, have the
center self sufficient enough but hire a security guard just to insure
safety of
and others?


Make the Literacy Center totally self service (with exception of classes)

Install a library card swipe at door and door opens when a valid library card is use.

Drawback is that the security of the building would always

be at risk.

No computer assistance, assumption would be that individuals would need to know
how to use the computer.


Revisit the idea of a mobile computer lab as an alternative to the literacy center

this isn’t an option under the terms of the curren
t LSTA grant.

Weld Housing believes that the priority for the center is Homework Help and directed
programs for youth. They are uncertain how apartment complex residents will
respond to computer classes.

Group agreed that option 3 is the ideal but that
option 4 which proposes that HPLD
provide computer classes and
another agency provides homework help may be the
more realistic option for now and so we will work towards that goal.

Determined that
PC’s may be a better o
ption than laptops for security.


Remodel efforts can’t begin until after the city moves out December 31.


HPLD and Housing Authority will work together for custodial services.

Filtering Issue

Preference is to provide the level of filtering as provided by library buildings
with the
addition of more restrictive filtering to insure that homework remains priority of
Homework Help Center.


Work towards option #4 of HPLD providing classes an
d provide homework
help center.
(HPLD & Weld Housing)

Provide laptop computers which are secured on the computer stations.

Adjust timeline in terms of staffing/programming

Separate security system from system tied to maintenance.
(Weld Housin

Review measures of success according to original grant

Next Meeting: Monday, November 9 at 1 p.m. Go To Meeting

Agenda items: Security System

Adjusted timeline