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Julian Haight

resume3 at mail dot julianhaight dot com

tel: 206

Successfully launched a profitable web application.

Focused on security, reliability and practical solutions

to real
world problems.

Twelve years experience with Linux, Apache, Perl and MySQL (LAMP).

Three years experience with Python, two with django.


Oracle, MySQL, DBM, SQLite

Database planning and design

Security and administration

Database instal
lation and upgrades

Replication configuration and maintenance

Backup, archive and disaster recovery


Apache, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, Bind, djbdns, rbldns, Squid, Cyrus IMAPd.

Python, Perl, Regular expressions

Object oriented and threaded softw
are design

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Practical security implementation using hashes (crypt, MD5, SHA)

IP (TCP and UDP) Network programming

Database integration: transactions, locking, deadlocks, connection pooling.

Twisted internet server framew


Django web framework / database model

HTML 4.x, 5 draft, CSS, jquery

Avoiding XSS (cross site scripting), sql injection and other pitfalls

Developed custom DDoS defenses for numerous real
world attacks.

Optimization (caching, css re
factoring, i
mage management and hosting)


SMTP, Internet message format, MIME and it's encodings

Knowledge of how different clients and servers handle different messages

Expert of email policy (what's acceptable and what isn't)

Good contacts at various large ema
receiving sites and law enforcement agencies.

Experience February 2010


Linux, Apache, Mysql, memcached, Perl.

Maintained and extended existing perl codebase under direction of founder.

Integration of web 2.0 technology (jquery
, ajax, css) with legacy code
base (tables,
inline styles, home
grown javascript framework).

Advocated for and developed a new django front
end and python library implementing a
client to the existing API.

Organized existing javascript codebase and used jq
uery and JSON/AJAXto build many
new client
side features. / November
December 2009

Large Django project publishing CMS
managed content to many clients

Helped finish a behind
schedule project.

Added features, fixed bugs, found unconven
tional solutions to "intractable"

Cleaned up and organized

reduced duplication of functionality, generalized
features, fixed existing problems. June 2009

Developed a full database driven email
filtering system.

0M+ row
datasets with 1000 rows/minute updated.

Web payment processing using PayPal Payflow Pro.

Designed and implemented fast DNS server to publish filtering rules.

Postfix plug
in acts as TCP server to postfix and dns (udp) client to DNS server.


groomer to perform automated testing and database updates.

Designed and implemented site templates (images, css, html).

Cisco Systems, Inc, nee Ironport Systems, nee January 1999

June 2009

Original inventor, owner and developer of spamco, sold to Ironport Systems in

Developed scalable database
intensive applications in Python.

Participated in code reviews for my own code and that of others with Reviewboard.

Researched different mail filtering strategies by mining huge collectio
ns of spam
and ham (non
spam) as well as data housed in MySQL.

Communication Billing Technologies: June 1995

June 1997

Implemented data processing and reporting using Microsoft Access and Oracle.

Implemented (with one other developer) a complex Java a
pplet: a market data
terminal. Displayed stock quotes, real time and historical data in various graph

Purchased and maintained all hardware: Sun and PC servers and desktops running
Windows, Linux and Solaris (nee SunOS).

Master Computer: 1990


Acted as head technician: repaired hardware, diagnosed and repaired software

Managed the service department, designed forms and work

Saw company grow from small mom & pop office suite to store
front employing 20

Reported to (a
nd learned from) owner and influenced purchasing decisions.