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Internet Marketing

on a Shoestring Budget


Allyson Kapin

Donna Wilkins

Rad Campaign

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Dina Lewis, CAE

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Today’s Agenda

Five Ideas to Help in Your Next Campaign

Attracting & Retaining Site Visitors

Successful Campaigns on a Shoestring

Five Ideas to Help

Your Next Campaign

Submit to article marketing sites

Create memorable URLs

Build your online media list

Integrate offline promotions

Use viral marketing

Take advantage of social networking

Top Five Article Marketing Sites

Google Rank

Alexa Rank











What Is A Good URL Name?

To help make web campaigns go viral URL names should be:




Campaign for Tobacco
Free Kids

launched a web campaign

about the need for cigarette ingredient disclosure. This is a priority

issue for the organization but wonky from a public perception.

What is a good URL name for this web campaign?

(Way too wonky)


long and boring)

(Catchy and cool. Now we are talking! We can market this URL)

Integrate Offline and Online Marketing

Don’t forget to include
website’s URL

in offline

Press Releases

Direct Mail


Print Advertising

Radio Advertising


Online Media List

Build an online media/blog list
comprised of media outlets that
relates to your field (i.e. Public
Health, Environment, Politics).

Quick tip to start compiling a
blog list

Go to Technorati at

and use the
search function to get a list of
blogs that covers your issue. I
searched Liberal Blogs and
Technorati produced the listings
on the right.

Track online media and blog hits
for free by setting up a Google
email alert.

Use Viral Marketing

Take Action

Tell A Friend

Take Advantage of Social Networking

Start a MySpace

) profile for your web

Create a Facebook

) page. Tie it into an event
if possible so it gets tagged on attendees Facebook personal

Digg It
). Submit a compelling story from your
website to Digg. The more people who vote and “digg it” the higher
your story ranks and people will read about your campaign.

Build a profile on Twitter

). Twitter allows you
to instant message, text message, or post “What you are doing” to
your personal network. Your message also gets posted on their
website where all web visitors to can access it.


of political campaigns or non
profits using Twitter are:

John Edwards for President

National Public Radio



2.4 Billion videos viewed each month

Strong viral marketing opportunity

Allows anyone to become famous!

Social Networking

Friends Of Red Mountain Park on MySpace

Bring People to Your Site

Registering your URL

Register for .com or misspellings of URL

Other URL names?

Search Engines

Search by key phrases associated with your organization

Invest in search engine optimization / marketing; can be done with a
small easily controlled budget

Banner Ads

Ads on other sites that promote offerings on your website

Partner List Marketing

Partner with other organizations / companies that communicate with an
audience with an interest in your mission.

Why Use Search Engine Marketing

Biggest challenge for most organizations is
bringing new people to the site

You provide a valuable service to the community
you serve. Make it easy for them to find you.

Likely some of your competition is using it

For most organizations the trick is figuring out
how you can spend as much as you’d like to
bring the right people to your site.

Banner Ads

Keep People on Your Site

Maintain fresh content

Make your website the go
to place for the latest and
most up to date information

Review outgoing newsletter, invitations, etc. to ensure
your website includes the same information

Make invitations / announcements available online first

Rotate placement of features on the homepage to keep
a fresh look with minimal effort

Keep People on Your Site

Gain permission to market in the future

by providing
multiple opportunities to give email address and permission
for future communication

Sign Up for Our Newsletter

Be the first to learn about new classes

Join Our Action Network

Volunteer Opportunities

Keep People on Your Site:

First Impressions

Keep Them Coming Back: Engage

Use your website to open up a two way dialogue





Your Website

Available Programs

Requests for Help

Success Stories

Are You Reaching

Your Target Audience ?

Are You Providing

Useful Information ?

How Could You

Provide More Valuable

Services ?

Keep Them Coming Back: Quick Poll

Presidential Prayer Team

Weekly quick poll

Varies between general
opinion and questions to
identify profile of participant

Sharing the answer to add to
interaction and develop
sense of community

Understand future effective

Keep Them Coming Back: Feedback

Keep Them Coming Back: Blog

Chesapeake Bay Foundation


Watershed issues

Clagget Farm


Grassroots Advocacy

John Smith Water Trail

Center for a New American Dream

Their Mission

The Center for a New
American Dream helps
Americans consume
responsibly to protect the
environment, enhance
quality of life, and promote
social justice.

The Challenge

To build up New Dream’s
online list and recruit 10,000
new online activists in three
months. Budget: $2000.

Center for a New American Dream

The Solution

Asked an eco
friendly travel agency to sponsor an eco
friendly all expense paid
vacation to Costa Rica.

Campaign was marketed as an “Eco
Travel Sweepstakes” to New Dream’s members
both online and offline through the following channels:

Email blasts to New Dream’s current online list.

Built in a viral component. The more a contestant used a TAF tool to recruit
their friends the more chances they had to win.

Google and Yahoo keyword advertising.

Compiled extensive list of “Green” online media and blogs for pitching.

Promoted contest in print edition of New Dream’s newsletter.

All marketing directed people to New Dream’s site to sign up for the vacation to
Costa Rica.

The Results

10,000 new online members.

Members remain active on the list today.

Generated online coverage in over 50 media and blog outlets.

Eastern Market Rescue

Rapid Response to Local Tragedy

Their Mission

To raise money to help rebuild
Eastern Market after the fire
destroyed most of the building
that employed hundreds of
people and served thousands of
DC residents and tourists.

The Challenge

How do a handful of concerned
citizens use the internet to
organize a fundraiser within one
week of the fire?

Eastern Market Rescue

The Solution

Organized a local bar crawl and asked participating bars to donate 5% to 10% of the

Reached out to friends, family and online community networks to serve as hosts.

Setup one page website with mission statement and list of participating bars.

Incorporated Google Map into website.

Setup Facebook event page and Twitter account.

Promoted web campaign through local neighborhood listservs and partner groups.

Pitched offline and online local media and blogs.

Secured online advertising sponsorships.

The Results

In less then one week Eastern Market Rescue:

Raised over $10K through online and offline donations.

Generated over 10K web visitors.

Recruited over 1500 people on Facebook.

Secured donated online and print advertising including Washington City Paper and
Roll Call.

Generated media coverage online and offline including,,, as well as local news stations and NPR.

National Breast Cancer Coalition

Their Mission


eradicate breast cancer, the most
common form of cancer among women
in the United States, by focusing the
administration, Congress, research
institutions and consumer advocates on
breast cancer.

The Challenge

Breast cancer campaigns have been
taken over by their corporate partners
using pretty pink ribbons.

How do you reframe the organizations
proposed message, “We are pissed not
pink” to not appear too antagonistic but
show the pink campaign as too corporate
and ineffective to pass meaningful

National Breast Cancer Coalition

The Solution

Developed a compelling microsite campaign that
focused on two core messages:

Pink is Pretty, Breast Cancer is Not

What Causes Breast Cancer? Why Don’t We

Built up NBCC’s online grassroots activist list through
meaningful actions. (i.e. Petition Senators to pass
critical Breast Cancer bill).

Pitched new campaign to women focused, public
health and cancer related online media, blogs and

Targeted blog Advertising

The Results

Tripled NBCC’s online activist list.

Changed the minds of more then a dozen U.S.
Senators who were on the fence to support the bill.

Generated online media attention in District
newspapers and blogs.

Prompted engaging discussions on cancer related

Branded the organization as a fighter against breast

What Are You Smoking

Their Mission

To changing public attitudes
and public policies on tobacco,
and to prevent kids from
smoking, help smokers quit and
protect everyone from
secondhand smoke.

The Challenge

How will the organization
motivate their current online
activists and recruit new
supporters around a wonky
political issue (FDA regulation of
tobacco products)?

QuickTime™ and a
TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
are needed to see this picture.
What Are You Smoking?

The Solution

Built microsite campaign around the concept of do
you know what you are smoking.

Designed the site to be hip and edgy to help make
it go viral.

Developed flash interactive games to push the viral

Promoted the website to niche online media, blogs,
and social networks including MySpace and

The Results

energized TFK’s online list.

Generated 20,000 web visits in less then a month.

Recruited approximately 3000 new activists.

Over 70% were recruited through the flash game.

Generated online media and blog stories

Thank You!

Allyson Kapin

Rad Campaign


Donna Wilkins

Charity Dynamics


Dina Lewis, CAE

Distilled Logic, LLC