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November 23
, 2010




A Tablet Throwdown: Apple’s iPad vs. Samsung’s

Galaxy Tab”




IT’S BEEN A while since the Apple iPad took the tech world by storm. It wasn’t the first device to come in a
tablet form factor, but it had a slick, trendy style that distinguished it from the competition.

ortunately, all was not rainbows and fluffy clouds in Apple’s orchard. The branches were trembling, and it
was to the footsteps of the oncoming Android army.

The Galaxy Tab and it’s brethren had arrived, and it was time to see who was king.


Both devices feature a 1GHZ processor. The top
line iPad offers double the storage space of the Galaxy,
but the Galaxy has a MicroSD slot to expand the memory. The iPad doesn’t. The Samsung has double the
RAM, a faster graphics card, and more adva
nced wireless capabilities. It also has two cameras, one forward
facing, one on the back. I have to give the edge to the Galaxy in this category.

• I

1GHZ A4 Processor,

64GB Storage

256 MB DRAM9.7inch 1024x768 LED Display

PowerVR SGX 535 GPU

WiFi, 3G

Bluetooth 2.1

• Galaxy Tab:

1GHZ ARM Cortex A8 Processor

32GB Storage + microSD Slot (up to 64GB)

512 MB Ram

1024x600px 7 inch LCD TFT

PowerVR SGX540 GPU

Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth 3.0



Apple is renowned for its polished user experience, and the i
Pad is no exception. But Android is pretty slick. I’d
have to give the iPad a slight edge. It keeps things simple, and there are no layers deep menus. For advanced
users, however, this lack of depth can be frustrating, and I didn’t find the Galaxy Tab to b
e overly complicated.


At first, the Galaxy Tab seems thicker than the iPad. Setting them side by side, however, I notice that the face of
the iPad protrudes slightly above that of the Tab. The Tab feels rugged. The iPad is lithe. I
t also feels heavier
than the Tab. The Tab can fit in a large pocket. The iPad cannot. I’d have to call this a tie.


Android users have considerable freedom when it comes to Apps. They can more or less do whatever they like
to their respective devices
, swap applications and install files, and the like. Apple users cannot. But then, they
also suffer from far fewer glitches. For now, there are also more Apps for the iPad. Ipad wins here.


The iPad has six available versions, ranging from $499 for a

base model (16GB, no 3G) to $829(64GB, 3G) for
the flagship.

The Galaxy Tab has one version, for $599. It offers 32GB of storage and 3G. An iPad with the same capabilities
costs $729. I give this one to the Samsung.


As I said, this is close enou
gh that it ultimately comes down to personal preference. The Samsung is a far more
flexible device, offering two cameras, a more robust operating system and expandable storage. The iPad is
simple, bigger and somewhat more intuitive.

Which do I prefer? The
Samsung Tab. I’ve worked with the iPad every day since it was released. I’ve never felt
a driving urge to use it. The Tab on the other hand, is portable and flexible.

Nick DeLorenzo
is Director of Interactive and New Media for The Times Leader. Write him