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Rich media banner

Rich media banner for slalom event


To inform users on this event

November 2010

Rich media banner

Rich media banner


What We Did

Content generation through various
landing pages

A/B Testing to measure performance

Was able to generate more than 35,000
Visitors daily

Revenue generated to eBay was more
than USD $750,000 monthly

The Objectives for eBay were:

To increase their sign up rates

To increase overall sales on specific

To generate traffic both from Paid
Advertising and Organic Traffic

Minimum traffic to be hit is 1,000,000
Visits a month

Budget was USD $100,000 monthly

January 2008

December 2008


What We Did

Create multiple web properties which are
populated with contents from various
verticals, such as Business, Life, Health,
Finance and Legal.

From these web properties, traffic were
generated through Search Engine
Marketing techniques to receive both
paid traffic and organic traffic

With this traffic, we were able to convert
the click through rate while maintained
the quality of the traffic an d boost the
revenue both for Yahoo Publisher
Network and our Company.

The Objectives for Yahoo were:

We have a direct partnership with Yahoo
to receive their XML feed for their
advertising network for US and UK

From these feed we sub
syndicate the
feed through our own web properties
that have been approved by Yahoo

January 2008

May 2009