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Web Development Products

Learning Team Project

Week 5

Donna Bonassisa

Holden Contreras

Jeffrey Henry

Adobe GoLive

Used for architecting, designing and
developing web
based instructional

Powerful and Understandable interface


View source code

Viewing design

Split screen

Adobe GoLive



in source code

Tools for error

Integration with other Adobe applications

Capabilities and Features


Visual interface meets industry standards

Similar to other Adobe products

Photoshop and Illustrator


Tight integration with other Adobe

Binding of the capabilities and tools

ImageReady and Acrobat

Capabilities and Features


Extensive use Smart Objects

Place native files from other CS applications
directly into GoLive.

Keeps track of the source file and automatically
generates out Web
ready images based on
your defined export options.

Capabilities and Features

designed elements

Applicable templates, style sheets and
JavaScript code

58 templates

38 Section 508
compliant page designs

35 CSS styles

Generic basic elements

specific elements

Cookie elements

Event handlers.

Capabilities and Features

Flexible multimedia objects

Supports easy import of

Flash files

Opening of video source files





RealOne presentation components.

Effective handling of QuickTime files.

Drawbacks to GoLive

Data source Interaction

No dynamic data source interaction

No dynamic content features.

No database connectivity

Offered with competitive products

Design Flaws

Inconsistent Standards

No SCORM content from a learning content
management system (LCMS).

Drawbacks to GoLive

Limited Usefulness

Designed for creating a web site, rather
than just individual pages,

Less manageable at the code level

Organization lost once you create a site

Important for building web
based courseware

Drawbacks to GoLive

Window design complexity

packed interface creates

Overwhelm Web novices and hobbyists

Possible to open a few dozen windows and
tabs at once.

Macromedia Flash

World's most pervasive software

Reaching 97% of Internet
enabled devises

Universally understood, usable and
accepted rich client

Used for delivering effective multimedia

Macromedia Flash

Effective Multimedia development tools

Allows program designers and developers
integrate multimedia pieces such as video,
text, audio, and graphics into
presentations, e
learning, and Internet

Capabilities and Features


Integrates high
performance media.

Improved performance

Consistent design and improved workflow

Integrated text for graphics, components,
and video.

Capabilities and Features


Wide distribution with hardware vendors,
operating systems, and browsers.

Leverage existing skills and infrastructure
through Flash Player.

Simple integration with data source

Capabilities and Features


Compliance with Section 508 standards.

PDF and EPS File Support

Extensibility Architecture and Third

Capabilities and Features


Timeline Effects

Video and Audio

Onion Skinning

Capabilities and Features

Workspace and Design Tools

Configurable Workspace

Graphic, Paint and Mask Tools


Device Templates

Spell Checking and Search/Replace

Capabilities and Features

Advanced Application Development


Advanced Components

Source Code Control


Flash Video Exporter

Improved Video Encoder

Flash Video Streaming Service Integration

Drawbacks of using Macromedia Flash


Increased time to learn

Multiple features

Designed for advanced developers

Not intuitive

Drawbacks of using Macromedia Flash

PC Standards

Minimum set above average user level

System Requirements for Macromedia Flash
Windows /Macintosh

600 MHz Intel Pentium III processor or equivalent

500 MHz PowerPC G3 processor

Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, or Windows XP

Mac OS X 10.2.6 and later, 10.3

128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)

275 MB available disk space

Drawbacks of using Macromedia Flash


Macromedia Flash is considerably more
expensive than most other products


Full version



Microsoft FrontPage

Microsoft FrontPage is a Web site
creation and management program that
allows users to create dynamic and
interactive Web sites.

Distinct features for the design of the Web
page when it comes to coding, and ability
to get web pages online quickly

Capabilities and Features

Layout Tools

Dynamic web templates that allow
modification of entire sections of a Web

Ease and manipulation of tables to provide
precise control of the layout.

Tools, layout and graphics features to help
users work faster and design professional
Web sites

Capabilities and Features

Layout Tools

Layout detection

Improved work environment and bigger
design area

Move files from local and remote directions
easily and websites can be posted by
using browsers alone

Capabilities and Features

Graphics Tools

Improved graphics support

Add Macromedia Flash
based content

Compatibility Tools

Browser and resolution reconciliation.

Accessibility checking

Capabilities and Features

Coding Tools

Manipulation tools allow special extras
such as pop up menus to appear

IntelliSense and scripting tools for
authoring JScript and Microsoft Visual
Basic® Scripting Edition

Quick Tag Selector and editor

Capabilities and Features

Coding Tools

Split view

Support for Multi
Monitor Configuration.

Code snippets

ASP.NET controls

XML support

HTML can be used in order to gain more
control over the coding

Capabilities and Features


FrontPage can be purchased at a fair price
of $199.00. Upgrades cost $109.00.
System Requirements

Intel Pentium 233
MHz or faster processor

128 MB of RAM

180 MB of available hard
disk space

Others Microsoft features may be required
for audio input and output

Drawbacks to
Microsoft FrontPage

Themed pages take longer to download.

Themes lacking in visual content

Required support FrontPage extensions

Drawing tools are not ideal for
professional web sites

ags automatically altered

Slow uploading large web sites