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learning PROJECT

Presented by Faraj S. Al


Need for new way of training

The Project

The Acc

Training in Samba

2600 employees kingdom wide

Strong Saudazation drive/200+ new graduate hire yearly

“State of the Art” training center facility with training statistics:

Mission Statement:

Training to be viewed as competitive advantage of Samba


No. of training

Total no. of

Training Days/staff

Training Days






Project 2: Need to restructure training delivery

Strong Product innovations +
many new regulations.

A lot of simple/basic
training courses

2 regional centers + 26 branches
outside of Riyadh

A lot of training

Key staff spend 20 days/year in

Major burden on
working resources

Lots of present
slides + materials
BUT in unstructured format

Get lost

Ladies training

Increasing needs

Ineffective use of training budget

Money spent on
repetitive courses



Samba First Experience

60 licenses obtained from Citi Bank

60 staffs were assigned to use it

One year access for each licenses

Each license give you access to 400 courses

Result of first experience

Only 10 licenses had been used

2 of the two licenses were actually used

50 licenses were never used

Result of first experience (cont.)

Accessing Citi Bank licenses were not friendly

You have to long on to Samba web site using a
user name and a password

Then log on to Citi Bank using another user name
and password

Samba of First Experience Cont..

After you log on to Citi Bank web site and want to access
a course an access key is sent to the training center for

Then a message is sent to participants telling them that
they can use any course they want

When a staff has difficulty with any course, they contact
training center for help

Training center will contact Citibank and Citibank will
contact the third party for solution

Result of first Experience cont..

The whole process might take 2 weeks for solution

Lesson Learned

No marketing or awareness was done for any of the staffs
about e

Management support was not there

Technology team was not inform of the e
learning project
so they did not extend any support

Staffs have a first impressions that e
learning is a bad way
of learning

Lesson Learned

It was found that good number of the staffs had no PC to start

Selection of staffs was not good

Arabic e
learning courses were not there

Second Experience

Management was involved and very supportive as they
believed strongly in the benefit of e

Good selection of e
learning courses was done by the
training center

20 committed staffs were assigned in the process of
selecting courses

Marketing of the e
learning took “ months all over Samba

Second Experience cont..

Compulsory e
learning courses were assigned for staffs as
a beginning

20 committed training coordinators was assigned to
monitor the progress of the staffs

Training center provides monthly report to all business
departments about the progress of their staffs

Second Experience Cont..

Other courses were added in company with the
compulsory courses.

Staffs liked the idea of e
learning courses

They started taking e
learning courses without
coming back to the training center.

Lesson Learned from second

In order for e
learning courses to be effective, they have
to be linked to the staff career development

Diplomas have to be organized like accounting, finance,
management etc…

These diplomas have to be recognized by the organization
and have to reflect on staffs promotion

Lesson Learned Cont..

For in house e
learning courses two copies have to
be provided

Alpha copy, where you can do amendment to the
course (usually one month is given from the

Beta course will be the final version of the same
course where all amendment has been made

Lesson learned cont..

Arabic courses or the preferred language by the staffs
musty be used

Technology department has to be involved in every single
stage of the e
learning project

In the long run a staff who develop e
learning contents
has to be hired

State of the art learning management system (LMS) and
learning content management system (LCMS) has to be


Management Support and interest in e
is the key to your success.

(People see things and say why and I dreams of
things that never happened and say why not)

Best wishes and success to all Tunisian people