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Hosting and Content
Management Systems

Cindy Royal, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Texas State University

School of Journalism and Mass Communication

Hosting Basics

Hosting and domain registration were once separate processes.


the company and/or server on the Internet in which your site is

Domain registration

getting your own easy
remember domain name for
your site.

Now most hosts provide one
stop shop for both, as well as other features.

There are literally thousands of hosts from which to choose. And there are a
variety of other ways to get content online.

Choosing your hosting platform is different for everyone, but you have to
comprehend the range of options before you can choose.

The old fashioned method of writing your own code, using Dreamweaver
and ftp'ing (file transfer with a client like Fetch) files is not recommended. A
user site needs a content management system of some sort.

Content Management systems can run the gamut of simple blog platforms
to more advanced and customizable options.

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Easy to set up; limited customization

The ability to control a workflow, approve student work before

Can get a unique Web address

Searchable, archivable

Can host advertising

Visit to sign

We will be working with a system for the Institute to give you
an idea of how it works.

School Newspapers Online

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$600 for first year to start up. $300 per year to renew.

They set up the site for you. You just have to add content

Wordpress based.

A few themes from which to choose.

Can add “extras,” for a fee. Multimedia, ad rotation, forms.

Interested to hear about support from anyone who is using.

More info at


Can use either or a self
hosted site.

A site can be started quickly. But you are limited in
customization. You must pay to gain access to CSS (minimal fee per year)

A self
hosted site gives you more control and has the ability to use all sorts
of plug
ins. But you usually have to pay per month for hosting.

hosted sites are fairly easy to get going on most hosts. Try something
like Bluehost or Dreamhost. On their control panels, most have easy
Wordpress installations.

But, it's more difficult to manage, maintain and execute. It requires someone
with a general knowledge of the Web to develop and use. It's a good
experience, though, for a program that wants to give students Web skills
that are very valuable, and there is a strong support community online.

Both and a self
hosted site use roughly the same interface,
so trying out a site is a good way to get experience.


There are plenty of other platforms you can try.


simple blogging platform


visual blog platform


a free website platform


a free website platform

You can substitute or complement with a Facebook page.

Or you can use other forms of social media to get content out:
Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...

You can host video content on YouTube. Set up a channel for
your newspaper.