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Set by: SS 16/11/04

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Assignment Number 2 of 2

2D graphics control of a 3D object

Contribution of this coursework


Learning Outcomes Being Assessed

Solve problems in 2D graphics and interaction

Develop applications using 2D graphics and 2D input devices

the principles behind 2D and 3D graphics

Set by

Dr. S. Sudirman

Moderated by

Dr. D. England

Handout date

16 November 2004 (week 9)

Handin date

18 January 2005 (week 18)

Expected handback date

22 February 2005

Outline of Problem

To Develop a
system using C++ and OpenGL that allows a user to control the attributes of a 3D
office using 2D controls.

Detail of Questions

Write a C++ program using OpenGL that allows the user to control the attributes of a 3D office
using 2D controls from keyboard
and mouse input events.

The display

The display will have the following minimum components


An interior of a living room view with a minimum of 2 walls


A window showing the outside on one wall


A large picture frame on the other wall


One sofa or chair.



tea table


A television set with a stand.

A set of controls using pop
up menu, keyboard and simple buttons

1) Rotation in each direction of the room about the three axes, X, Y and Z

2) Scaling of the room in X and Y

3) Changing the colour of the displa
y components from a choice of three colours

The design must give an outline solution for the problem including sketches with position
values. This can use pseudo
code and/or diagrams and should indicate how the interface
was constructed and how the input
state is managed to provide the control objects. The
design documentation should enable a competent C++ programmer with knowledge of
OpenGL to implement your solution.


1. Design report of the outline solution

2. A printout and copy of the

C++ code



If you are unclear about the program specification you must consult the module leader.

The design documentation will be marked according to how well it describes the
solution and for clarity

The C++ code will be marked for

accuracy and comments in the code

Clarity of layout, readability and good variable naming

Good use of OpenGL functions

The demonstration will be marked according to how well the program meets the
specification given above with extra marks for features goin
g beyond the specification.
The date and time for the demonstration will be set in the week of the coursework

Any extra features must be documented

This is an individual piece of work and the standard rules, regulations and penalties
for unackno
wledged copying and plagiarism apply.

Resources Required

MS Visual C++ compiler

OpenGL library

Introduction to programming with Open GL by Mason Woo et al

Source code in L:
CMPD2012 folder

Notes and tutorials for CMPCD2012

Other i

You may use any of the source code files from the L:
CMPCD2012 folder or the
blackboard as the basis for starting your work

If at the deadline your program does not work correctly or does not compile, you must still
submit your design documenta
tion and code.

You must submit your code to the module leader with your design document.


Assessment Criteria

% Weighting for each problem

1. Design document


2. C Code accuracy, layout and readability

3. C Code, good use of Op



3. A simple living room structure

4. A simple set of controls using pop up menu,
keyboards and buttons.

5. Additional features

6. Demonstration