OptiView DS3/E3 WAN Analyzer

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Technical Data

DS3/E3 WAN Analyzer
Fast vision into WAN links.
Fast vision into WAN links
The Optiview WAN Analyzer family provides
a complete view of your WAN link perform-
ce and facilitates rapid problem resolution
om the convenience of your desktop.
Fluke Networks family of analyzers lets
you ex
e Fr
e Relay, ATM, Packet over
SONET, PPP and HDLC WAN links. Use our
OC3/OC12 or DS3/E3 analyzer to examine
links connected to your main offices and use
our T1/E1 analyzer or to examine your lower
speeds links to your branch and remote
From any IP connected workstation,
remotely access the health status of any of
your high-speed ATM or low-speed Frame
Relay/PPP/HDLC links and examine link
performance from the physical layer to the
application layer. You can even perform
remote protocol analysis if necessary. Easily
and quickly verify policy decisions regarding
wide area network usage. Optimize WAN link
performance for critical processes. Examine
network security robustness. Produce trend
reports on link utilization and errors as well
as examine SLA metrics. Quickly discover
current devices on the network. When prob-
lems are detected, be alerted to changes in
network topology or availability immediately
and have the events logged and presented
in an easy-to-understand format automati-
cally.In short, complete diagnostics of your
WAN links.
• DS3/E3 digital interface and HSSI serial
• Supports Frame Relay,ATM, PPP and HDLC
on the same unit
• Fail-safe, non-intrusive full-duplex
• DS3/E3 test access through an external
in-line tap (BNC)
• HSSI test access through Y-cable
• Multi-user simultaneous remote access via
10/100 Mbps Ethernet management port
• Physical layer through application layer
• Complete RMON/RMON2 traffic analysis
• SLA statistics
• Network discovery with address to name
• Real-time problem detection and
Total integration.
Total control.
Total Network SuperVision.
Our OptiView Network Analysis Solution
is a breakthrough in integrated portable
and distributed network monitoring. It
gives you a fast, complete view of your
entire enterprise, from portable devices
to rackmounted workgroup analyzers to
high-performance gigabit line-rate link
analyzers to software agents – all
monitoring across heterougenous or
homogenous vendor environments.Only
OptiView combines the analysis techniques
of packet capture, statistical analysis and
network discovery to deliver new speed,
new ease of use, new depth of vision and
new control to optimize the performance
of WAN, LAN and wireless networks.
• Bandwidth utilization statistics including
top applications, conversations and
• Discover non well-known protocols or add
your own custom protocols and set
• Latency and availability tracking of key
network devices
• Context sensitive line rate cell and packet
capture with 256 MB buffer
• Instant contextual reports on all 7 layers
• Half rack width, single height (1U)
Monitor across the entire
OSI stack
Unlike existing solutions, the WAN Analyzer
is highly automated, providing meaningful
information about your WAN immediately
with virtually no configuration. The unit
analyzes measured parameters and “rolls up”
important information to a comprehensive
ont page view. Combined with context
sitive packet capture and decode and full
RMON2, the OptiView WAN provides a
complete solution f
or perf
ce monitor-
ing and troubleshooting critical WAN links.
Make efficient use o
f your time
From any workstation, remotely access the
ealth status o
f an
y of your WAN links from
the ph
cal layer to th
e application layer
and even perform remote protocol analysis
when necessary.
ates with y
our existing Network
Management Software
dards based SNMP and RMON2 compati-
bility allows you to ad
d an
alyzers to your
c NM
S solution.

Understand how your WAN
bandwidth is being utilized
Verify policy decisions regarding WAN
link usage and optimize performance
for critical processes. Find rogue pro-
tocols and their associated users.
Know the health and status of the
link and key devices
Be alerted to changes in topology or
availability. Problems are detected,
logged and presented in an easy-to-
understand format.
The OptiView WAN Analyzer uses
Fluke Networks’ unique FPGA design to
capture cells and packets at line
speed, as well as provide real-time
traffic statistics.This design separates
RMON statistics gathering from packet
capture so unlike some other solu-
tions, performing packet capture doesnot interfere with statistics gathering.
Stand-alone probe or part
of an integrated manage-
ment solution
The OptiView WAN Analyzer may be used as
an independent system requiring as little as
one analyzer and a PC. Even in this simple
configuration, users can discover, trend,
report and troubleshoot WAN links. For the
most difficult troubleshooting tasks, perform
et captur
es using context sensitive filter
and triggering mechanisms and view the
decodes in Fluke Networks’ Protocol Expert
software to isolate root causes of network
Gain simultaneous visibility of both your
critical WAN and LAN topologies by adding
multiple OptiView analyzers. Get instant
access to not only multiple WAN analyzers,
but also OptiView LAN an
alyzer products
including the Integrated Network Analyzer,
Workgroup Analyzer, Link Analyzer and
OptiView Console Agents. Alternately, you
can integrate your OptiView WAN analyzers
with your existing network m
software (NMS) to enable troubleshooting
and monitoring of WAN segments from your
NMS console.
The analyzer offers access via standard
SNMP protocol and supports Frame Relay,
PPP, HDLC and RMON/RMON2 MIB data that
is easily accessible by your existing NMS
solution. In addition, SNMP trap messages
can be sent to your NMS when problems are
detected on the WAN link as well as when
the analyzer sees that they are resolved.
Simple, fast deployment
The OptiView WAN Analyzer offers the same
ease of installation and ease of use that
customers have come to expect from Fluke
Networks. The unit is so compact, it fits intoa standard half-width single height (1U) rack
.The unit is self-configuring and self-
contained and you can begin link manage-
t within min
utes out of the box. Just
plug the unit into your pre-installed tap,
hook it to your existing 10/100 Ethernet
LAN, in
stall an
d fire-up th
e OptiVi
ew W
Analyzer user interface software on your
networked PC and you’re up and running.
The unit automatically discovers WAN link
al circuits, DLCIs and devices that are
consuming your valuable WAN bandwidth.
This self-con
ed an
alyzer really is this
simple to in
stall an
d use
Full analysis of Frame Relay,
ATM, Point-to-Point and HDLC
The OptiView WAN Analyzer is equipped with
both enterprise side and service provider
side interfaces to maximize monitoring
access.Standard BNC connectors are used
for DS3/E3 connectivity on the service
provider facing side. Alternatively, standard
HSSI connectors may be used on the enter-
prise si
e o
f th
e network to tap the link for
Full duplex traffic patterns are displayed
eously f
or all link analysis
OptiView WAN Analyzer supports Frame
Relay, ATM, PPP and HDLC – all in one unit.
This configuration provides ultimate flexibil-
ity, allowing flexible use of the probe on
multiple DS3/E3 links.
Rapid automatic discovery of devices using
the W
The Optiview WAN Analyzer automatically
discovers and monitors Virtual Circuits on
Frame Relay links and their DLCI paths. If
configured to monitor ATM circuits, VP and
VC pairs are automatically discovered rather than DLCI paths.
Drill down on any virtual circuit and find utilization, errors,
protocols, top conversations, top hosts and top applications.
Display network devices discovered by the analyzer for all VCs
on the WAN link or only a selected VC. Devices are automatically
categoried into routers, servers, SNMP agents and other hosts.
ll devices are discovered and classified via passive traffic
Physical layer monitoring
hysical layer errors and alarms are continuously monitored in
both directions on the full-duplex link. Measurements include
metrics such as loss of signal, out of frame, AIS alarms, line,
P-bit and C-bit coding violations and other errors and alarms.
Performance measurements such as unavailable seconds, line
errored seconds, severely errored seconds, P-bit and C-bit
errored seconds, etc., are also presented.
When monitoring frame relay circuits, serial control leads sta-
tistics such as DTE/DCE transmit and receive states, request-to-
send and clear-to-send states and seconds, data terminal ready
states and seconds,data set ready states and seconds, alarm
seconds and more are also available.When monitoring ATM,
LOCD and HEC errors are presented.
Frame relay circuit monitoring
Utilization statistics are simultaneously measured for each
active virtual circuit and all combined virtual circuits.
Measurement metrics include aggregrate traffic counts and rates,
bandwidth utilization, unicast/multicast frame counts,
FECN/BECN/DE frame counts and more.Error statistics measured
include errored frames, bad FCS frames, short and long frames,
misaligned, invalid, aborted, unknown frames and more.
Selectable time durations let you view gathered statistics from a
ute vi
ew up to a 7-d
ay view. In addition, you can view
your top virtual circuits in rank order by throughput, utliliza-
tion, % of CIR, FECN/BECN frame counts, unavailability or other
sort criteria.
ame Relay service le
el and LMI monit
Service level statistics are collected including metrics such as VC
availability, DLCI status, circuit uptime, downtime, availability,
MTBSO, MTTSR and more. Additional measurements include per
ciruit traffic counts, rates, throughput and CIR utilization, VC
utilization, throughput under CIR and Excess Frame rate.
Local management interface (LMI) statistics including
channel in
active secon
ds, link reliability errors, protocol errors,
channel inactive events, LMI state and LMI protocol type are all
ATM circuit monitoring
When configured to monitor ATM circuits, utilization statistics
are simultaneously measured for each active virtual circuit and
all combined virtual circuits. Review performance of all VCs
Monitor PPP or HDLC WAN Circuits
Monitor ATM and Frame Relay WAN Circuits
on multiple virtual circuits. Rather than
examining virtual circuits one-by-one to
isolate link problems, the OptiView WAN
Analyzer allows you to probe packets
across all discovered VCs in real-time to
dramatically improve monitoring and
roubleshooting capability.
OptiView Console
Monitor all your WAN and LAN links
rom a single workstation. Easily obtain
performance summaries, trending analysis,
troubleshooting screens, and event notifica-
tions across the entire network from a
single console.
Gold Support
Protect your investment with our premium
annual software support package and
• Unlimited priority technical product sup-
port 24/7, with a highly-trained Fluke
Networks customer support technician
• FREE software application
• Unlimited repair with loaner unit at no
The OptiView WAN Analyzer comes with a
standard, one-year exchange warranty. Fluke
Networks will exchange the unit with a
unit of equal or better performance. An
annual Gold Support package for the
OptiView WAN Analyzer hardware is available
to provide one year of extended warranty
coverage. Contact your local Fluke Networks
representative or visit our web site
for more details.
Ping and traceroute tools
Perform ping and/or traceroute on any
device discovered by the analyzer. Target IP
addresses will automatically be converted to
DNS name if one is found in addition to IP
Report generation
Instant HTML reports may be created for the
measurement screen being viewed. A rich set
f statistics is made available such as link
utilization, throughput, errors, etc.
Remote management
Each OptiView WAN Analyzer has a dedicated
10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 management
port that allows it to be controlled remotely
from any point on the network using the
Optiview Analyzer Remote Software (included
with the analyzer). Up to eight users may
access any single WAN Analyzer and perform
different analyses at the same time. Settings
of the OptiView WAN Analyzer system, such
as SNMP Trap destinations, scope of discov-
ery and user access privileges, can be easily
configured from any workstation running the
analyzer’s remote software.
Upgrade functionality when
you need it
Buy only what you need today, but be
assured that future needs are easily accom-
modated through simple updates. The
OptiView WAN Analyzer is designed to
odate software upgrades through
simple flash updates that can be performed
Maximize the visibility of your WAN links
through add-on options.
ocol Expert
alyze tr
affic traversing your WAN link with
precision detail using OptiView’s Protocol
Expert an
alysis softwar
e OptiView WAN
Analyzer provides capture files for decode by
the Protocol Expert software module that
enables views of WAN traffic. Use Protocol
Expert’s extensive seven-layer decodes toi
dentify and solve tough problems on link
segments. Simultaneously capture packets
easily by rank ordering circuits using a
variety of metrics including total user traffic
cells, overhead management cells, AAL-5 CRC
errors or other criteria. Evaulate circuit per-
formance with metrics including PDU counts
and rates, bandwidth utilization, user traffic,
ackground, overhead and CLP=1 cell counts,
and more. View error statistics including CRC
errors, % bad PDUs and more. Selectable
time durations let you view gathered
statistics from a 5-minute view up to a
7-day view.
PPP and HDLC statistics
When configured to monitor PPP/HDLC cir-
cuits, bi-directional results of PPP and HDLC
performance statistics are displayed. These
statistics include link and VC utilization,
good HDLC frames, octet count and through-
put measurements. Sample counts or rates
are both available and may be displayed
over a sample period or cumulative.Errors
such as percent errored frames, invalid HDLC
frames, HDLC Frame FCS errors and Aborted
HDLC Frames are also displayed. Selectable
time durations let you view gathered statis-
tics from a 5-minute view up to a 7-day
Upper layer statistics
Upper layer statistics are displayed in the
familiar OptiView RMON / RMON2 views.
Analyze traffic by protocol mix, top hosts,
top conversati
s an
d top applications.
You can choose to view this information as
a sum of all virtual circuits or select an
individual virtual circuit.
oblem logs and alarms
Problem logs are created when specific
failures are detected or specific user
configurable thresholds are crossed. Severity
levels for each problem type may also be
configured by the user. Problems detected
include DS3/E3 and HSSI physical layer
ame relay, ATM and HDLC layer
errors, VC availability, suspicious protocols,
key device not responding and many more.
Status, severity, device, time and date stamp
as well as problem description are recorded
for each event logged.
e Netw
P.O. Box 777, Everett, WA USA 98206-0777
e Netw
ates in m
e than 50 coun
wide. To find your local office contact details, go
2004 Fluke Corporation. All rights reserved.
Printed in U.S.A. 11/2004 2407167 D-ENG-N Rev A
S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
O r d e r i n g I n f o r m a t i o n
M o d e l D e s c r i p t i o n
O P V - W A N/D S 3 E 3/D V S O p t i V i e w W A N D S 3/E 3 w i t h P r o t o c o l
E x p e r t & O V C o n s o l e 6.0
O P V - W A N/D S 3 E 3 O p t i V i e w W A N D S 3/E 3, H S S I
G L D - O P V - W A N/T 3 E 3/D G o l d S u p p o r t 1 y e a r f o r
O P V - W A N/D S 3 E 3/D V S
G L D - O P V - W A N/T 3 E 3 G o l d S u p p o r t 1 y e a r f o r O P V - W A N/D S 3 E 3
O P V - P E/P R O O p t i V i e w P r o t o c o l E x p e r t
O V C O p t i V i e w C o n s o l e
T A P - D S 3 E 3 S i n g l e P o r t D S 3/E 3 T a p
T A P - H S S I - Y H S S I Y - C a b l e
O P V - R M K 1 9 ” R a c k M o u n t k i t
O P V - T C A S E R u g g e d i z e d T r a n s i t C a s e
N T 8 0 3 R S - 2 3 2 C a b l e
N T 8 0 4 C A T 5 P a t c h C a b l e
N T 8 0 6 P a i r o f 7 5 o h m c o a x p a t c h c a b l e s
P C s y s t e m r e q u i r e m e n t s f o r u s e r i n t e r f a c e
O p e r a t i n g s y s t e m W i n d o w s 2 0 0 0 o r X P
H a r d d i s k s p a c e 6 5 M B ( t e m p o r a r y )
P r o c e s s o r s p e e d 2 0 0 M H z P e n t i u m
S y s t e m R A M 1 2 8 M B
D i s p l a y 8 0 0 x 6 0 0 v i d e o S V G A
D i s k d r i v e 1 2 0 M B f r e e h a r d d i s k s p a c e
C D - R O M d r i v e
G e n e r a l S p e c i f i c a t i o n s
W A N t e c h n o l o g i e s F r a m e R e l a y, A T M, H D L C & P P P
M e d i a a c c e s s E x t e r n a l D S 3/E 3 p a s s i v e t a p ( t o d u a l
B N C ). H S S I ( v i a Y - c a b l e t o H S S I p o r t )
C o n f i g u r a t i o n p o r t S e r i a l R S - 2 3 2 ( 9 - p i n m a l e )
M a n a g e m e n t p o r t 1 0 B A S E - T/1 0 0 B A S E - T X ( R J - 4 5 ) E t h e r n e t,
F u l l a n d H a l f D u p l e x
C a p t u re memory 256 Mbytes
Interface Java-based Remote GUI
Power 100 to 240 VAC; 47/63 Hz; 25 watts
Dimensions 1.6 x 8.3 x 12.9 in
(4.1 x 21.1 x 32.8 cm)
Weight 3.8 lbs. (1.7 kg)
LED indicators (4) Signal (DTE&DCE), Mgmt port Link, Pwr
Vibration Meets requirements of MIL-PRF-28800F
for Class 3 equipment
Operating temperature 10° C to 30° C (50° F to 86° F) with
up to 95% relative humidity; 10° C to
40° C (50° F to 104° F) with up to
75% relative humidity
Non-operating temperature -20° C to +60° C (-4° F to +140° F)
Connection to public telephone network:
connect the
alyzer’s network interfaces to public telephone systems.
Standards compliance
DS3: ANSI T1.102-1987, ANSI T1.107-1988, ANSI T1.107a-1990,
and ANSI T1.404-1989 [8,9,9a,10].
E3: CCITT G.751
RFC compliance
2819 RMON MIB, 2021 RMON2 MIB, 2895 RMON Protocol Identifier
Reference, SMIv2 [2011 IP, 2012 TCP, 2013 UDP], 2233 IF-MIB, RFC
2495 DS1/E1 MIB, RFC 2496 DS3/E3 MIB, 2954 Frame Relay Service
MIB, 2115 Frame Relay DTE MIB.
Safety and EMC information
Complies with CSA C22.2 No. 1010, UL 61010B and EN60950 3rd
edition (CE Mark).
EMC: CE Complies with EN61326 Class A, criteria C.