126 Figure 35 – FC-BB-3_GFPT protocol levels and layers 10.2 FC ...

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INCITS xxx-200x Backbone - 3 Rev 6.6 February 13, 2005
Figure 35 – FC-BB-3_GFPT protocol levels and layers
10.2 FC-BB-3_GFPT initialization
10.2.1 Overview
FC-BB-3_GFPT devices do not directly participate in either FC link initialization or FC_Port initializa-
tion. FC link initialization and FC_Port initialization occurs between the attached local and remote
FC_Ports. This is a key distinction between the FC-BB-3_GFPT device model and other FC-BB-3
FC-BB-3_GFPT devices do monitor the FC_Port initialization (i.e., ELP, FLOGI, and PLOGI) Ex-
changes that take place between the attached local and remote FC_Ports, but only to capture and
potentially modify the parameters that are relevant to link-level flow control.
When a FC-BB-3_GFPT device hosts more than one GFPT_WAN facility, and such facility includes
the GFPT_WAN link and the corresponding client-facing FC_Ports on each device, a separate state
machine operates on each. The state machines in each FC-BB-3_GFPT device on the same
GFPT_WAN facility operate independently of one another.
10.2.2 FC-BB-3_GFPT initialization state machine Initialization state machine keywords
The keywords used in the FC-BB-3_GFPT initialization state machine diagram (see figure 36) are
specified in table 41. Initialization state machine
The FC-BB-3_GFPT initialization state machine is specified in figure 36.
Table 41 – FC-BB-3_GFPT initialization state machine keywords
Keyword Description
WAN Received from remote FC-BB-3_GFPT device.
FC Received from attached FC_Port.
RA Rate Adapting Forwarding, to attached FC_Port and/or to WAN, depending on case, of
Primitive Sequences, and of Idle Primitive Signals where appropriate.
BF Buffered Forwarding of Primitive Signal or frame (i.e., forwarding path passes through a
buffer, order strictly maintained through buffer and FC frame contiguity is preserved when
forwarding from buffer to attached FC_Port).
Not Expected Stimulus/condition is not expected, caused by network disruption errors or protocol errors
in attached clients.
10B_ERR GFPT-defined character used represent an FC illegal codeword or running disparity error
at ingress, or an irresolvable character error produced during GFPT_WAN transmission.
Interpretation of these characters is described in 10.7.
FC-Error 8B/10B character error, or running disparity error.
INCITS xxx-200x Backbone - 3 Rev 6.6 February 13, 2005
Figure 36 – FC-BB-3_GFPT initialization state machine
* establish bidirectional GFPT_WAN link connectivity
* send NOS to attached local FC_Ports
* discard PSig, PSeq, and Frames received from
attached local FC_Ports
* clear any prior history of LEM information
All:S1 Init
S3:S2 PING_ACK/Sufficient
buffer resources
* send PING
S1:S3 WAN link up
S2:S1 WAN down
S2:S2 GFPT_WAN failure detected
S1:S1 Any other event
S2:S2 WAN-Error (10B_ERR)
S2:S2 WAN-Buffer overrun
S2:S2 WAN-Pseq/Psig={Arb-Loop}
or FC-Pseq/PSig={Arb-Loop}
or WAN-Psig=(R_RDY,BB_SCr,BB_SCs)
S2:S2 WAN-PSig=Idle
S2:S2 WAN-Psig!=(R_RDY,BB_SCr,BB_SCs,Idle)
or WAN-SOF,Data
or FC-Psig!=(R_RDY,BB_SCr,BB_SCs,Idle)
or FC-EOF or FC-SOF,Data
S2:S2 FC-LossSig or FC-LossSync
S2:S2 FC-PSig=Idle
S2:S2 FC-Error
S3:S1 PING_ACK/Insufficient
buffer resources
INCITS xxx-200x Backbone - 3 Rev 6.6 February 13, 2005
Transition All:S1 Init. This transition occurs when an initialization event occurs in a state where is
not already handled. An initialization event may be:
a) a power-on reset condition;
b) outside intervention requesting an initialization event; or
c) a vendor-specific initialization event.
State S1: GFPT_WAN Down. In this state, FC-BB-3_GFPT devices shall:
a) initiate establishment of GFPT_WAN links, including Transport Trail configuration and turn-up,
and the establishment of a fully operational GFP server in both directions (see 10.7). The de-
scription of these processes is outside the scope of this standard;
a) send the Not Operational (NOS) Primitive Sequence to attached local FC_Ports, if any;
b) discard any Primitive Signals, Primitive Sequences, or frames received from attached local
FC_Ports; and
c) clear any prior history of Login Exchange Monitor (LEM) information (see 10.3).
Transition S1:S1 Any other event. This transition occurs when an event other than what is speci-
fied in state S1 occurs.
Transition S1:S3 WAN link up. This transition occurs when a WAN link up event is detected.
State S3: GFPT_WAN Link Up. In this state, the FC-BB-3_GFPT device shall transmit one or more
PING Primitive Signals to the remote FC-BB-3_GFPT device.
Transition S3:S2 PING_ACK/Sufficient buffer resources. This transition occurs upon reception of
at least one PING_ACK Primitive Signal from the remote FC-BB-3_GFPT device and sufficient buffer
resources are available to prevent data loss (see 10.6). This transition is not coordinated between the
FC-BB-3_GFPT devices at each end of the GFPT_WAN link.
Transition S3:S1 PING_ACK/Insufficient buffer resources. This transition occurs upon reception
of at least one PING_ACK Primitive Signal from the remote FC-BB-3_GFPT device and WAN latency
measurements indicate insufficient buffer resources are available within the device to prevent data
loss (see 10.6).