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I have developed/co
developed digital teaching tools. We have published several
modules at

These modules include:



an investigation of neurophysiology and neural circuits including
central pattern generators. This module forces students to design their own
experiments and draw conclusions from their data.



a tour of available digital bioinformatics tools, which uses
Quantitative Trait Locus Analysis as its center point. A good module for
illustrating how scientists arrive at a candidate gene.


Birdsong system
an investigation of the effects of steroid hormones on brain
development in songbirds.
Great for introducing a multi
ple group design and
the data that students obtain yields significant differences.
Ideal for
developmental biology, neuroethology,

or general neuroscience.


Gel Scramble

an investigation requiring students to deduce which of
several endonuclease protocols produced given gel electrophoresis patterns.
Further, students are challenged to figure out what happened to produce
unexpected results.
In sil

PCR experiments are also provided, and
students are also challenged to match the gel to the experiment and figure
out aberrant results. Good for teaching molecular biology.


Rat SCIA (Spinal Cord Image Archive). Another experiment examining the
effect of steroids in early development. This time effects of anti
on the development of rat spinal cord neurons was investigated. Good
module for int
roducing students to multiple group, 2x2 designs that will
probably yield an interaction in the analysis.