Physics 331 Syllabus

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Physics 331 Syllabus

AC/DC Circuits

Fall 2003


Dr. Michelle Parry


McCorkle Rm 130

Office Phone:




Physics 331 Homepage:


Office Hours:

Tuesday 11

12; Wednesday 3

4 ; Thursday 11

12; Friday 2


Course Description:
AC and DC circuits, loop, mesh and nodal analysis, network theorems, dependent sources, RLC
transients, resonance, impedance, and electrical measurements. Prerequisite: Physics 101,
102 or 201, 202; Mathematics 261. 3 lecture and one 2

hour lab periods; 4 credits


Robbins & Miller,
Circuit Analysis Theory and Practice
, 2

Edition, New

York, Delmar/Thomson
Learning, 2000

Course Objective:

(1) To convey an understanding of electric circuits

(2) To develop a student’s ability to solve circuit problems by using Ohm’s law, Thevenin’s
and Norton’s theorem, superposition, mesh analysis, and

nodal analysis

Class Content:

Chapters 2
11, 13
16, 18 (Material from Chp. 12, 17, and 19 may be discussed if time permits.)

Topics Include:

Ohm’s Law, Series
Parallel Circuits, Kirchhoff’s Laws, Thevenin’s and Norton’s
Theorems, Superposition, Mesh a
nd Nodal Analysis, Transients, Complex Impedance,
Phasors, AC circuits, Resonance

Class Schedule:

(This schedule is tentative)

Chp. 1

Introduction (You are responsible for this material on your own.)

Aug. 26

Sept. 23

Chp. 2

Voltage and Current

p. 5

Series Circuits

Chp. 3


Chp. 6

Parallel Circuits

Chp. 4

Ohm’s Law, Power, Energy

Chp. 7

Parallel Circuits

Test 1

Friday, September 19

Sept. 24

Oct. 18

Chp. 8

Methods of Analysis

Chp. 9

Network Theorems

Test 2

Friday, O
ctober 17

Oct. 19

Nov. 18

Chp. 10

Capacitors and Capacitance

Chp. 11

Capacitor Charging, Discharging, and Simple Wave shaping Circuits

Chp. 13

Inductance and Inductors

Chp. 14

Inductance Transients

Chp. 15

AC Fundamentals

Test 3

Friday, Novemb
er 14

Nov. 19

Dec. 6

Chp. 16 R, L, and C Elements and the Impedance Concept

Chp. 18

AC Series
Parallel Circuits

Final Exam

Thursday, December 11; 3:00

5:30 PM

Course Requirements:

(1) Three tests; (2) Final exam; (3) Weekly homework assign
ments; (4) Laboratory
assignments that will include working with a partner or a small group; (5) In class activities
and unannounced quizzes.


Attendance is mandatory. Class attendance will be taken daily with a sign in sheet. It is your
onsibility to make sure that your name appears on the attendance sheet. Signing in for a classmate is
considered a violation of the Honor Code set forth by Longwood College. Appropriate measures will be
taken if a violation occurs. Assignments must be turn
ed in on time and tests must be taken during the
scheduled time periods unless prior arrangements have been made. If you fail to attend 25% of the
scheduled class meetings (lectures and labs combined) you will receive a final grade of an F for the

(excused or unexcused absences) A grade of 0 or F will be given on assignments missed due to
an unexcused absence. Exceptions may be made in the case of an emergency. However, remember that
what you consider an emergency may not constitute an emergency i
n my judgement.


Weekly homework assignments will be given along with specific due dates. The homework assignments
will be collected randomly and graded. The assignments must be turned in by 3:00 PM on the specified
due date. Each homework assig
nment will be graded on a 7.5 point scale. The grading of these
homework assignments will be discussed in class. For each school day that a homework assignment is
late 2.5 points will be deducted. A homework assignment that is three days late will receive
a grade of
zero. It is necessary to show all work required in solving the problems. Be prepared for class. If you are
not prepared then be willing to accept the consequences.

The solutions to the homework problems will be placed on the Physics 331 homepa
ge after the due
dates and will also be available in my office.

Activities and unannounced Quizzes

During the course of the semester there will be unannounced in class
activities and quizzes. The quizzes may include material from the lecture or the rea
ding assignment.
Since these will be unannounced, there will be no make


The following point scale determines your final grade:

3 test (100pts each)


300 pts

Final exam (150 pts)


150 pts



75 pts

Labs, Activities,
and Quizzes


25 pts



550 pts

The final grade is determined by dividing your point total by 550 possible points and computing a
percentage. A letter grade is assigned according to the following scale:




550 pts




494 pts




439 pts




384 pts


59 and below

below 330 pts

Honor Code:

Students are expected to follow the Honor Code set forth by Longwood College. If the Honor Board
finds you responsible of a violation you
will receive a final grade of F.

Additional Requirements:

A calculator capable of trigonometric and logarithmic operations is required. A
scientific calculator is preferable


None. As the semester moves forward material may be placed on reserv
e at the library or on the Physics
331 Homepage.

Students with Special Needs:

Please contact me to discuss your situation if you require special accommodations or