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Electrical Circuits Technical Definition

AC Circuit

DC Circuit

Electrical Circuits

electrical circuit

is a path which


from a
voltage or current
Electric current

flows in a closed path c
alled an electric circuit.

The point
where those electrons enter an electrical circuit is called the "source" of

The point where the electrons leave an electrical circuit is called the
"return" or "earth ground".

The exit point is called the
"return" because electrons
always end up at the source when they complete the path of an electrical circuit.

The part of an electrical circuit that is between the electrons' starting point and
the point where they return to the source is called an electri
cal circuit's "load".

There are two different types of circuits used in the electrical field AC and DC.
The alternating current is use for Electrical circuits and the Direct Current is used
in Electronic circuits.

The load of an electrical circuit may be
as simple as the wiring for a house, with
outlet boxes to which electrical appliances like refrigerators, televisions, or
ovens can be connected as loads, or a simple as two three way
switches controlling a light bulb.
But the loads for electrica
l circuits can also be
quite complicated, such as the load upon the output of a hydroelectric power
generating station.

circuits typically use low voltage

direct current

Most common
is 5 to 24 volts.
The load of an electronic circuit ma
y be as simple as a few
resistors, capacitors
and a lamp, all connected together to create the flash in a

digital camera
. Or an electronic circuit can be complicated, connecting thousands
of resistors, capacitors, and


to create the

that make
computers possible.

There is of protection added in both Electrical and Electronic circuits so that
components or equipment will be protected and not cause damage or a fire. The
protection is called a circuit breaker.
The current flowing in an

electrical or
electronic circuit can be suddenly increase
d when a component part fails.
increase in current can cause serious damage to other components in the circuit.

Or the fai
lure can create a fire hazard. So that’s why we add a

circuit breaker

the circuit. The circuit breaker

will open, or "break", the circuit in which it is
installed when the current in that circuit becomes too high.