HRDP Viewer (Android App) for Remote Access to HRDP4, 8, 16 H.264 DVRs

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Document 800-08303V1 – Rev A – 04/2012
HRDP Viewer (Android App) for Remote
Access to HRDP4, 8, 16 H.264 DVRs
This document describes how to connect to an HRDP4, 8, 16 H.264 Digital Video Recorder
(DVR) using the HRDP Viewer Android app. It also describes how to operate HRDP Viewer to
view live video.
App Live View Features
The Honeywell HRDP Viewer Android app supports single-channel live view.
Installing the HRDP Viewer Android App
The Android app is compatible with all HRDP H.264 DVRs.
Note You should always install the most recent version of software available for your
recorder. Check the Customer Information Management Portal , and select Tech Library

Download Center for
the latest HRDP software upgrades.
Minimum Requirements
The HRDP Viewer Android app minimum requirements are:
Getting the App
To install the HRDP Viewer Android app:
1.On your computer:
Supported Android
Model Android phones running v2.0, v2.1, v2.2, or v2.3
Android phones must have minimum hardware specifications
equal to or exceeding the Nexus 1 Google phone.
Supported HRDP DVRs HRDP H.264 (v1.0.1.86 or later) and HRDPX16 H.264 DVRs
(v1.0.0.36 and later)
Internet connection to the HRDP DVR
2 | HRDP Viewer (Android App) for Remote Access to HRDP4, 8, 16 H.264 DVRs
a.Download the .APK file from the Honeywell download web page — — to a
convenient location on your computer hard drive.
b.Transfer the .APK file to your Android phone through one of the following methods:
• A USB connection
• A network file application (for example, Dropbox)
• Email it to an email address that you can access from your Android phone
2.On your Android phone:
a.Confirm that Settings


Unknown sources is enabled (select the
Unknown sources check box).
b.Tap the .APK file, either from a location on your phone’s SD card OR from within the
email that you previously sent to your phone.
c.Select Package Installer (default) from the menu that appears.
d.Select Install and then wait for the installation to complete.
Configuring Your HRDP H.264 DVR
To verify that the HRDP H.264 DVR is connected tot he network:
1.Press Setup on the front panel or IR remote control.
2.Navigate to Network

Network Settings.
3.Verify the HRDP network settings.
If you are accessing the HRDP from outside your network (using 3G or public wi-fi), verify that
the correct ports are forwarded to the HRDP. The default ports that are necessary for remote
connections are 4000 and 4002.
Adding a DVR to the HRDP Viewer App
1.Launch the Android appTap Add. The Site Info screen appears.
2.In the Site name field, enter a unique name to identify the DVR.
| 3
800-08303V1 - A - 04/2012
3.Enter the IP address, Remote port, User ID, and
User password for the DVR..
4.Tap OK.
5.Highlight the DVR just added, and tap Connect.
6.Tap Modify to change the above parameters.
Viewing Live Video
When the HRDP DVR is initially connected, no video is
To view live video, tap a channel number to select the video
channel you’d like to view.
Technical Support
Honeywell Technical Support (see contact information below) provides assistance to HRDP
Dealers with HRDP H.264 DVR configuration and HRDP Viewer operation. For technical support
covering Android configuration or other device detail, please contact your reseller.
Note Due to system conditions such as buffering and
network delay, you may experience a slight lag when
viewing live video.
Returning to the Main Screen or
To return to the main screen or to disconnect, press the back
arrow button on your Android phone.
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