Energy and Thermodynamics Lab presentation


27 Οκτ 2013 (πριν από 4 χρόνια και 8 μήνες)

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Energy and Thermodynamics

Lab presentation

Team members: Christos Kostoulas, Vasileios Giannoulis

The Project

Operation of a Commercial Coffee machine

What we will analyze

The mechanics and the operation of an espresso coffee

The Thermodynamic perspective of the espresso pot.

How to enjoy your Cappuccino at the right temperature.

We need to find

The amount of water the coffee pot can contain.

The perfect temperature for an espresso.

The time we need to make the espresso.

How much energy did we consume.


Cappuccino instead of an espresso

A good coffee depends on its temperature.

After making the espresso, we need to put milk to make
the cappuccino.

How much milk do we need to make
the cappuccino?

How to improve the coffee pot

How much time does the coffee pot keep the espresso in
the right temperature?

Is it worth it to better insulate the machine or just keep it
as it is?