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At age 22, I nearly drove my car off the road when the sun
coming in the sunroof made the newest additions to my hair sparkle
like tinsel in the sunlight. So began my battle of the grays.

I fired the first shot over the bow with a visit to my hair
stylist/colorist. I figured since I was now going to be coloring my
hair, I could choose to be any color that I wanted. No more mousy
brown for me!

It’s been a long time since that first skir
mish and I like to think
I’m winning. I’ve been platinum blonde, chestnut with highlights,
mahogany with purple streaks…you name it. My favorite though?
Red. True, vibrant, glossy, red.

Now, those of you who color your hair know that red is not easy.

It just doesn’t stay or, at least, not in my hair. It looks great for the
first two weeks and then it starts to fade. By the time I get back to the
salon, “orange” would be the better way to describe my hair color.
Not pretty; not pretty at all.

The m
ajor general, I mean my stylist, is always on the look
for new weaponry, I m
ean products, that will help
win the battle of
the reds. About ten years ago, she introduced me to the Alterna hair
care line. I’ve used their shampoos, conditioners, and sty
products since then. The company’s slogan is “Natural Luxury, Down
to a Science”. They use natural ingredients like hemp, caviar, and kelp
along with cutting
edge enzyme therapy to make products that are
free of parabens, sulfates, and all of those o
ther nasty things that do a
number on your hair and scalp.

During my last visit, she introduced me to one of Alterna’s
newest products: Caviar Anti
Aging 3
Minute Shine Boost. The only
thing I don’t love about this product is that I can’t handle needin
g to
use something on my hair that is “anti

According to Alterna’s website (
Shine Boost
“acts like a like a lip
gloss for your hair by recharging
color and giving an instant
blast of hi
def shine.”

The back of the
tube goes on to say, “This weekly rinse
off shine glaze treatment gives
hair reflective brilliance while sealing the cuticle with a moisturizing
layer for a long
lasting, high
impact shine.” It also promises to
harge faded color between visits. The directions are easy too. Just
shampoo, condition, rinse well, and apply Shine Boost. Wait the
allotted three minutes…the perfect amount of time to shave one’s
legs…and rinse. The process is to be repeated weekly.

So, here we are. I’m four weeks away from my last
appointment. I’ve been using the Shine Boost since then and I must
say: I am impressed! I may have finally won the battle of the red! My
color is still shiny and glossy and, best of all, IT’S STILL RED!

orange anywhere to be found!

It is really as easy to use as it sounds,
too. I’ve used it once or twice a week since my last color and I have
people complimenting my hair color and asking how recently I’ve had
it done.

Buying Alterna can be a little
tricky, though. It’s hard to find in
salons and you can’t get it just anywhere. Ulta and Sephora do sell it
line at a price of $26.00 for 5.1 ounces. Amazon has it listed for
$13.99 as well. Seeing as how a pea
sized dab does the job, this tube
of mi
ne may last all year.

(Buy it here:


Overall, if you love your hair color, t
his is a great investment…
ven if it does say “anti
aging” o
n the label.