7) BOSS A new addition for 1314, the BOSS is to the EVIL TWIN ...

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A new addition for 1314, the BOSS is to the EVIL TWIN what the GLOBAL
WARMER was to the AIROBIC: A GTI version! We took the shape and
construction of the EVIL TWIN and tricked it out, making it even more poppy,
responsive and fun.

The BOSS is a twin in both outline and contact shapes. Featuring the CORE CORE,
which is a poplar wood core with two hardwood inserts running parallel to the
edges and along the insert rows. These increase the core strength along the
inserts while channeli
ng stored elastic energy to deliver more pop. We gave the
core a mid flex and used core profiling to produce a flex pattern that is slightly
softer outside the bindings than between them. This keeps the BOSS super
poppy, while a stiffer core between the bi
ndings keep the BOSS stable at high
speeds. The core is wrapped in TRI
AX laminate layers. One layer runs along the
board’s length and the other two make angles of 45 degrees with this layer, being
perpendicular to each other. The two perpendicular layers
increase the torsional
stiffness of the BOSS, making it more responsive and even more stable at high

We also added carbon! Like the GW, the stringers run between the edges,
reinforcing the binding area, but now they also cross over underneath you
r feet.
These still further reinforce the inserts and general binding area as well as
focusing elastic energy to magnify pop, but because they now cross over, the
stringers now also contribute to further torsional reinforcement. This stops the
BOSS from ge
tting twitchy at even the highest speeds without it becoming as stiff
as a door! The result is a board that has a mid flex, both torsionally and along its

Being symmetrical about the nose and tail, TWIN TBT is great for park riding!
The centre bas
e (non TBT) section features a smoothly curving camber profile as
opposed to a trapezoidal one. This makes the BOSS brilliant for carving and
general riding. The side base (TBT) uplift on TWIN TBT begins just outside the
bindings for a longer contact lengt
h when sliding on a flat base, making it more
stable at high speeds. The centre base section is narrower than either JIB or
PARK TBT and the total side base uplift is higher. This makes the BOSS more
agile on edge changes, more playful when piste riding an
d buttering as well as
giving it better float through powder.

The BOSS has LIGHTNING EDGES. These are thinner and our lightest edges,
enabling you to carve with better feeling and exacting precision. The inserts have
a PARTY PATTERN: 24 holes give the larg
est range of possible stance widths and
ultimate control over the exact placement of your bindings. The BOSS rocks a
sintered base for maximum hardness and higher terminal velocities so long as it
is kept properly maintained. Perfect for milking speed on s
lushy spring park laps
and backcountry kickers.

The graphic features mythical creatures and horror film monsters overlaid with
a message we recently tried to beam to aliens. No reply as yet. Basically, if you
liked the EVIL TWIN, you will love the BOSS! W
e expect the team to go mad for it
and you probably will too!


152, 154, 156W, 157.

Don’t take our word for it:

Ethan says “

the ultima
te park board for
people who love sending it
big jumps, but still
having a few good runs
on t
he rails

when the day is over

and want to be able to lay down a nice nose
press to end the day with a good feeling
. And no need to worry! I
’s strong and
powerful, but still smooth to ride on rails