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Flying Monsters

Education Resources

Nikki Lowry, National Geographic Entertainment

Anne Haywood, National Geographic Education

Dr. Douglas Lawson, Paleontologist

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Session Overview


Nikki Lowry, NG Entertainment

Resources to inspire science learning with
Flying Monsters

Anne Haywood, NG Education


and the adventure
of science

Dr. Doug Lawson, Paleontologist

Q & A


220 million years ago, dinosaurs were beginning their domination of the

But another group of reptiles was about to make an extraordinary
leap: Pterosaurs were taking control of the skies, and the story of how and
why these mysterious creatures took to the air is more fantastic than fiction.

How and why did pterosaurs fly? How did lizards the size of giraffes defy
gravity and soar through prehistoric skies?

Join us on a journey to uncover the truth about the enigmatic pterosaurs.

Flying Monsters Instructional Goals

Capture students

慴ae湴楯n⁡湤 業慧i湡n楯渠慳⁴桥礠汥慲渠獣楥湣攠

biology, earth science, and paleontology

Build students

獫楬汳s潦 潢獥牶慴a潮o慮搠楮煵楲礬q桥汰⁴桥洠瑨楮欠汩步k

Engage students in interdisciplinary activities with Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) connections, plus
reading/language arts

Key National Science Standards (US)

Understandings about scientific inquiry (K
4, 5

Position and motion of objects (K
4), Motions and Forces (5

Characteristics of organisms (K
4), Diversity and adaptation of
organisms (5

Biological evolution (9

Nature of science (5
8), Nature of scientific

knowledge (9

Eight Activities for K

The Adventure of Science:

Dr. Douglas Lawson, Paleontologist

Why will educators want to
bring their students to this

based science content made accessible and engaging to

Recent research has shown that both 3D and the giant screen
format lead to better retention of the concepts presented

Full range of activities to extend the learning before and after the

Flying Monsters Education Guide on DVD for them to take

back to school

Printed Flying Monsters classroom poster for in depth discussion

HUGE "WOW" factor!

Ideas for Attracting School Groups

Host professional development seminar for educators

Tap into NG
developed webinar training

Provide discount tickets for school groups

Host hands
on learning events

Fossil digs

Trivia contests

Guest speakers

Speaker event for home school groups

Partner with local business to fund bus transportation for select schools

Use “fun facts” sheet for on
site engagement and promotion

Informal Education Resource

Engage kids and families
site with a pterosaur
activity sheet

Pterosaurs aren’t dinosaurs!
Find out why with fun
activities like matching, word
find and a pterosaur quiz.
Perfect pre
show activity.

ready files available on
B2B site at

Summary of Education Resources

Activities for formal and informal settings at

Educator DVD that includes PDFs of all activities, photos, classroom
videos, and more!

Printed classroom poster

PDF copies of online activities (English and Spanish)

Pterosaur activity sheet

National Geographic Kids Magazine

Interactive whiteboard lesson

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Nikki, Anne and Doug