Genetic Engineering: Create Your Own Food


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Stephanie Mills

BSC 307

Abstract to Concrete Lesson

9 February 2009

: Genetic Engineering: Create Your Own Food

Grade Level
: 9

: Students will be able to understand the process of genetic engineering and be able to create
their own food
using genetic engineering.

Illinois State Learning Standards

Science Stage I: 11A, 12B


This is the activity for the second day of a three
day unit on genetic engineering. The first day
discusses the background and processes of genetic enginee
ring. For this activity, students will
work in
pairs to change
plant/food DNA to create a modified product (example: cinnamon flavored apples). The
students will make simple DNA structures of the two items to be modified and then
manipulate them
Before beginning the activity, I will show them an animation explaining the process and show
an example for them (cinnamon apples). This activity will show the students how scientists manipulate
DNA to make a genetically modified product.


students will be presenting their new product to the rest of the class, showing the DNA that
they modified and also explaining the final product. They should make a model/drawing showing their
final product.


Through this lesson, students will b
e able to understand the process of genetic engineering. The
physical manipulation of “DNA” will help students understand how scientists genetically modify
foods/plants/etc. in order to change its DNA.


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