Forza Motorsport: Playing Games with Artificial Intelligence Research

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Forza Motorsport: Playing Games with Artificial Intelligence Research

Michael Tipping

Microsoft Research, Cambridge, United Kingdom


When "Forza Motorsport" (a car racing video game for the Microsoft

Xbox) was released in May 2005, its
ficial intelligence" (AI)

system was the result of a unique collaboration between Microsoft

Studios (Redmond, U.S.A.) and the "Machine Learning and

Perception" group at Microsoft Research,
(Cambridge, U.K.).

The objectives of the team at Microsoft
Research were

fold. Firstly, for maximum player immersion
and enjoyment, it was

desired to make the usual AI opponents in the game behave as

realistically (and
compete as fairly!) as possible, and I will

describe how we developed a number of new techno
logies to

realistically variable lines and speeds for those competitor cars, and

illustrate how we utilised a
"learning" control system to drive the

cars around the track without resorting to "cheating".

A second main research objective was to
introduce a new "fun" feature

to the game based on exploiting
"machine learning" techniques. This

led to the development of the "Drivatar" concept, wherein the game

"learn" a probabilistic model of the player's style of driving. I'll

describe some of t
he mechanisms
employed to make this system work, and

how the model is embodied in an AI avatar which can mimic and

reproduce the player's individual driving characteristics independent

of any particular track or car. The
player can then employ this avatar

to race for them in certain modes in the game, and can also set up

their own customised races against arbitrary Drivatars: perhaps

against their own (for the ultimate
personalised challenge) or those

of friends or even celebrities.