Mobile Apps & Free/Low Cost Technology for Blind/Low Vision Users

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George Mason University
Assistive Technology Initiative Office

Mobile Apps

& Free/Low Cost Technology

for Blind/Low Vision Users

describes mobile apps
and web based applications
that may assist
who are visually challenged
, but can be used by anyone
The list contains iOS and
Android based apps. If you want to download an app to your own device, open the link
below each app.


is a FREE Apple device app that allows blind users to receive
quick answers to questions about their surroundings.

VizWiz combines automatic
image processing, anonymous web workers, and members of the user's social network
in order to collect fast and ac
curate answers to their questions. See the
Viz Wiz

for more information and to download the app.

LookTel Money Reader

is compatible with most Apple devices. It
instantly recognizes currency and speaks
the denomination, enabling people with
visual impairments or blindness to quickly and easily identify and count bills. Simply
point your iPhone’s camera at a bill and the application will tell you the denomination in
time. The app costs $9.99 and can
be downloaded at the following link:
Money Reader Download


is a FREE Apple device app to denominate Federal Reserve
Notes (U.S. paper currency) a
s an aid for the blind or visually impaired to increase
accessibility. For more information and to download visit the following link:

The Color Identifier

e device app uses the camera on your iPhone
or iPod touch to speak the names of colors in real
time. At a minimal cost of only
$1.99, it's very affordable. The app can be downloaded at the following link:
Identifier App Download

Zoom Reader

for Apple devices lets you magnify and read printed text by
first taking a picture of an object like a book or menu, then converts the image into text.
Zoom Reader will then read the text back to you using a natural
sounding voice. At
$19.99, users have r
ecommended to first scan the text with Turbo Scan (see below in
Document Scanning Apps) then use Zoom Reader to magnify the text.
compatible with iPhone and the latest iPad.
To download the app visit:
Zoom Reader


is visual search. Snap a photo of a product or scan a barcode to
access shopping information. Forget typing

searching just got simple. oMoby visual
search will return a result for any image, but

it works best on products. Take a clear
photo of a single object and prepare to be amazed at the information you can find. If
you can see it, we can find it.

View this link to download in itunes:

File Storage Apps

is a free cloud storage system that can be downloaded on all
PC's, Mac's and mobile devices. It allows you to store documents, videos and pictures
within a Dropbox user folder that can be accessed from any other device. This allows
you to share your files
and access them on the go! Search for the Dropbox app on your
device's app store, or visit the following link to sign up for an account and download:
Dropbox Website

Cloud On

puts Microsoft Office onto all of your m
obile devices giving you access to all
of the files you already have stored in the cloud. Provides you with the ability to create,
manage and share your files all from a single workspace. Visit

for more information.

Taking Apps


is a FREE app available on all Apple and Android devices as
well as your PC and Mac. It lets you take notes, capture photos, create to
do lists,
record voice reminders
and makes these notes completely searchable on all your
devices, whether you are at ho
me, at work, or on the go. You must create a free
Evernote account to start using the app. Visit the following links to download Evernote
to your device or visit the
Evernote Website

for iPad is the
best way to take recorded and written notes in
lectures and meetings. It tracks what you type while recording audio, so you'll never
worry about missing an important detail. During playback, just tap a word: SoundNote
will jump right to the proper time in
the audio. Soundnote has a minimal cost of $4.99
and can be download at the following link:
Soundnote App Download.

Access Note

(for Apple devices), developed by the AFB, is the first note
taking app
designed specifically for users with vision loss. For only $19.99, Access Note allows
DropBox integration, seamless navigation with built in VoiceOver keystrokes,
automatic saving and

compatibility with braille displays. For more information, visit:

Taking Express
, a web b
ased application, is a minimal cost alternative to live
takers. You can record lectures and presentations using a recording pen, laptop,
or smartphone. Then, email the recording file to Note Taking Express. Your notes are
then transcribed & sent to yo
u in a preferred file format. For more information, visit:

Sensus Access

(supported by RoboBraille)

is a web based application that converts
file documents to an accessible version or an audio version such as an MP3, e
book or
another document type.
Used by colleges & universities.

for more information