Image Processing and its Application

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Image Processing and its Application

In this digital world, capturing image is no longer an activity that requires
special talent or requirements. Anybody can take pictures and share it to their
loved ones.
But good quality pictures are still rare to find, due to the quality of
the camera and

the photographer who used it. That is where image processing
takes part, when bad pictures could be turn into a great picture. For knowing the
process of image processing, an explanation about image is required.

Image is a combination or a matrix of squa
re pixels arranged in specified
columns rows. Those elements are contained
in single spaced rows
As for image
processing, it is a method that would be used to convert any images into a digital
form The purpose of this form is to perform or do some other o
perations or
work on it. These operations that are done would enhanced the image, add or
subtracts any un
useful stuff from it, and could also be used to get information.
Because of the complexity of the process or the software that are needed to
support t
he process,
this combination of engineering and computer science has
developed a lot of business and banks.

Image Processing can be summarized into three basic steps: importing,
analyzing and manipulating, and output. Importing means making or changing
he format of the image into digital image, usually by scanning the image or using
digital photography in the firs place.
Analyzing and manipulating is when the
data of the image is changed as in enhancing the image and spotting and fixing
patterns. Output
is the final result of the image that is based from the image
analysis. There are several reasons on why image processing is needed and one
of them is visualization
, as in to see and observe on the objects and find out on
what is not visible. Image sharpen
ing and restoration is to create a better quality
image, image retrieval is when we are looking for that picture that interests us,
measurement of pattern is when several objects with various conditions
measured an image, and image recognition is when the
object in the image is

There are several ways of image processing that could be applied on the
Digital Design Communication, Project #4: Explore Margonda.
The instructions
that were given
re specifically mentioned that remake pict
ures and

hand drawn
pictures must be featured in the media that we are making. The remake pictures
itself is editing a photo that we already taken before, therefore it needed im

image processing that is

used on my

project in adding the contrast


enhancing the quality of the picture
. On the hand drawn images the image
processing that were given was just making sure that the image could be seen
clearly, as in deleting the background and adding the contrast of the color. Those
processing are all

enhancing the quality of the image and make them a better
product in terms if color and quality, making the pictures have more abilities to
deliver the messages that are carried by them for the viewers.