Elpical to Release Exclusive, Limited Edition Image Automation Package for World's High-End Publishers

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Exclusive to North America:

Elpical to Release Exclusive, Limited Edition Image Automation
Package for World's High
End Publishers

Breakthrough technology already in use at
Modern Luxury Media


will be demonstrated by invitation only, beginning Q1 in New York

Maryland, USA and

The Netherlands

January 6, 2011

Managing Director John de Jong announces today that

will begin offering "custom" installs of its
sophisticated Claro image optimization solution in response

to publishers'

The no risk, no fail, automated image processing solution package
includes professional set
up and money
back guarantee,


is available

North American distributor

Half day, small group demonstrations created for publishers' most
knowledgeable pre
media and imaging experts will precede one
demonstrations specially
prepared for decision teams at different
publishing houses. The greatest demand at the moment, de

Jong says, is
in New York.

Site Guidance is Critical

Research and customer feedback led to the discovery that customers do
not have the time to correctly evaluate image optimization software
without the help of an onsite technical training specialist
. Getting started
with the correct image enhancement settings is a key component of
success, and Elpical and Tools4Media therefore decided to include the
onsite guidance that will help publications often too busy to implement
new technology on their own.

"Claro requires a commitment to a significant production workflow
change, but one that results in tremendous savings and overall quality
improvement," de Jong says. "It's not off
shelf software."

de Jong likens the need for supervised Claro set
up to

the process of
"training" voice recognition software, or even handwriting recognition for
Palm and other smart handhelds. "Intelligent software that is engineered
to assess and modify files, and jobs, for your particular workflow; of course
must learn tha
t workflow, settings, and intended output thoroughly, before
it can use the newly
learned material to make files conform quickly and at
the highest quality," he says.

"Most publishers, like our customers at
USA Today, Meredith

, want to m
ake a commitment and get the software in and running
quickly. This turnkey package was created to streamline capex
requisitions and speed ROI."

What's Included

The Claro Complete solution includes on
site installation and training by
Claro's European and

North American technical sales specialists.

Claro Premedia Server

license, a failover/development server license,
unlimited Photoshop and InDesign clients, and a 12 month software
maintenance agreement are all included, making it easier for
professionals to estim
ate cost:benefit for more precise capital expenditure
requests; and then calculate real costs and benefits through
implementation and evaluation.

Special development that requires programming is not included, but is

No Risk

At 40 days,
purchasers can receive a refund (minus minimal trainer out
pocket expenses) if they are not fully satisfied with the product and its

"Claro Premedia is a no
brainer for customers intent on improving their
image workflow," explains Frank Lo
versky of Tools4Media, distributor of
Claro products in the U.S. and Canada. "This package allows the
customer to fully understand the product before evaluation, to have an
image optimization specialist pass on the tricks of the trade and to have
the vendo


better understand the customer's needs during the
evaluation process.

"While Claro is an automation solution, publishers understand that it is
impossible to automate for every different system, environment, and
application, right out of th

"We're excited to offer this high
end, turnkey sol
ution to the North
American market first," says de Jong. "Many well
known brands in the U.S.
are successfully utilizing the technology, and we're looking forward to
making it easier

and more cost effective

for other big names to bring
the sophisticatio
n inside; all risk

The new turnkey solution will roll out in North America, starting
immediately. For more information about Elpical's Claro Complete turnkey
solution, please call: 1
4880 or email:

About Elpical


Software, an international company with offices in The Netherlands
and Germany, develops and markets software solutions for automating
image production, manipulation and optimization as well as image
workflow processes in general, based on extensive image

technology. Elpical, established in 1997 by a management buy
out of the
Electronic Imaging department of Victor Hasselblad AB, is a leading
specialist in digital image enhancement and management.

Elpical's key products include Claro Complete, th
e turnkey package;
Claro Premedia, Claro Single, 4LeafClover and EmailManager. Elpical is
an ideal partner for software suppliers and integrators who want to
integrate Elpical technology into their own applications. For more
information, visit:


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All products and services are trademarks or register
ed trademarks of their respective owners and
are hereby acknowledged.

Press Contact:

Helene Smith


+1 321



Elpical Claro's Unique Technology

Meeting the stringent quality
standards of high
end production and publishing
house clients with automated image optimization, alone, requires supervised
installation, training, and implementation.

Add to this the fact that the most
renowned, high
value publishing titles have distinct
ly styled imagery that is as
unique to their brand, sometimes, as their logo is; and you have plenty of reason
to invest in a turnkey package that includes the most advanced technology as
well as expert, on
site guidance.

Claro is becoming known in the mo
st sophisticated circles for its ability to
automatically modify images to achieve that individual, manually
crafted brand
result as well as a level of automated image optimization that is close

and some
say equal

to that created by the most skilled cr