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Trunk Selector: Load balancing
and multisite failover

Trunk Selector: Time of day
inbound call routing

Trunk Selector: Call forking

Trunk Selector: SIP Registered

UK numbering Services > 500 UK

UK numbering Services > Non
Geographics numbers

International numbering services

UK Number porting

International CLI presentation

Outbound Call CLI selection of any
number, even non voip

numbers (if
have right to use)

Network Access via:

Public Internet

Access Circuit

Converged leased lines. (Internet,
intersite VLAN, Voice VLAN)

SIP Trunking

Secure SIP Trunking, SIP Encrypt

SAFE gateway for
call encryption

Edge SBC for larger phone systems

SAFE Gateway

Call divert no answer

Call divert on busy

Call divert

remote call forward

Number Retention

ISDN Replacement

SIP Call charges 50% better than
ISDN call rates

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