Online Healthcare Analytics

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Online Healthcare Analytics

Maria Ebling,
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
, Marion Blount, Daby Sow

The healthcare industry around the world faces significant challenges to improve quality
with fewer resources. One technology that offers a promising app
roach to addressing
these challenges is patient monitoring.

However, unless we are careful in how we proceed down this path, we risk overwhelming
our patients with wires and our medical practitioners with data. In this talk, I will discuss
some of my team
's work in the area of patient monitoring. I will start by discussing our
efforts in wireless, remote patient monitoring. I will then move on to our more recent
work in figuring out what to do with that data once you have it. We have created an
ure, which we call Artemis, upon which healthcare analytics can be built,
managed, and deployed. We are leveraging IBM's upcoming InfoSphere Streams
platform, adding extensions to support the needs of the healthcare industry. We are
currently working with
a customer in Canada to build a proof
concept that will be
deployed in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in mid
2009 with the goal of discovering
infant distress before observable symptoms are manifested.