Microsoft .NET for Programmers by Fergal Grimes

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Microsoft .NET for Programmers by
Fergal Grimes

Good Introduction

Written for intermediate and a
dvanced programmers, this book builds on
your existing knowledge to teach you exactly what you need to know to
develop .NET applications. Packed full of practical examples, the book
presents a case study which takes you through the design of an
ation engine and its implementation as a .NET assembly. Youll
reuse the engine to create different versions of the application using
Windows Forms, Remoting, Web Services, Windows Services, COM,
MSMQ, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and the Mobile Web SDK. Youll also

about fundamental .NET concepts such as types and assemblies and
develop a simple language compiler which can emit a .NET executable.
Also included is an appendix containing a comprehensive introduction to
the C programming language.

Thank You Fergal, for a "steady pen" in writing "Microsoft .NET for
Programmers". The use of a FUN case study (Poker client
server) to
synergize understanding of .NET principles in a "real
life" application is a
boon to communicating such a vast subject.Th
ough this book seems
geared to other than beginners (in both C and .NET), starting at page 1,
reading and doing the examples, and maintaining a steady course until the
last page, is sure to "enlighten" the .NET inquiring mind. A more global
perspective and

understanding of this large subject is pretty much
guaranteed.One foot in front of the other, put yourself through the paces:
Buy the book, download the files, read the prolific and responsive author
participation list on Manning, read and practice from c
over to cover. Your
programming skills in .NET will be enhanced enjoyably for all future .NET
ventures. As a bonus, you'll go to sleep at night without that large and
uneasy .NET question mark look on your face.

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