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Restart Current scene in cocos2d
Asked by
on 2013-04-14T20:22:40-04:00
I am wondering what is the proper way to restart the current scene in cocos2d since I can´t get it
working properly. I am using the following code to restart the actual scene, but only a black screen

CCScene *currentScene = [CCDirector sharedDirector].runningScene; CCScene *newScene =
[[[currentScene class] alloc] init]; [[CCDirector sharedDirector] replaceScene:[CCTransitionFade
transitionWithDuration:0.7f scene:newScene]];
Note: I don´t know if this has something to do with
the fact (I guess not) that this code is run from a CClayer subclass that is in charge of managing the
pause menus and stuff.


Best Answer
Answer by
on 2013-04-14T21:09:23-04:00
I suppose it has something to do with that manual alloc. In most cases, it's better to call cocos2d
static constructors, and let it handle the memory management for you. This is what I do.-

MyClassScene *newScene = [MyClassScene node]; [[CCDirector sharedDirector]
replaceScene:[CCTransitionFade transitionWithDuration:kTransitionTime scene:newScene
withColor:ccc3(255, 255, 255)]];
Hope it helps.

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Restart Current scene in cocos2d
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