Polyurethane Timing Belts with Advanced Steel Tension Members

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Press Release
July 15, 2013

Polyurethane Timing Belts with Advanced Steel Tension Members

BRECOflex CO., L.L.C. the market leader in the polyurethane timing belt industry utilizes a superior
steel tension member design for all standard timing belts.

Tension Member Characteristic / Construction

Multiple flexible steel filaments (down to a thickness of 0.04 mm) are braided in groups, avoiding the
necessity of a center core wire as used in competitor timing belts. The center core wire is subject to
fatiguing and belt breaking mainly in back-bending applications.

Increased flexibility and improved fatigue resistance is combined with an optimal bonding strength
resulting in most superior, high efficient and top performing timing belts. Competitive designs are
more prone to fatiguing (breaking) and offer minimized service life only. The timing belt strength,
flexibility and spring rate is determined by the tension member construction which also influences
greatly the bonding strength and the maximum power to be transmitted. Our advanced tension
member design allows the polyurethane material to fully bond with the steel formation of the strands.
Ordinary designs only encapsulate the outer layer of the tension members, leaving voids at the inner
section of the cord.

Comparative bonding pull tests show that BRECOflex timing belts achieve up to 40% higher
bonding strength, offering additional “built in safety” and “higher efficiency”!


 Highest Efficiency
 Superior Strength / Flex Characteristics
 Highest Bonding Strength
 Maximum Accuracy
 Outstanding Reliability
 Compact Design
 Fatigue reduction
 Balanced tension-strait running
 Longest Service Life

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