Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality

By: Sabrina Drago

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality can be defined as a
type of environment that can be
real or imagined. It is enhanced
with 3
D dimensions through width
depth and height. It can be used
with input devices such as a
keyboard or mouse and is used to
simulate actual events.

Virtual Reality

What’s it used for?



Car models

Medical School

Simulations for pilot or combat

Games can be used with virtual reality by adding
special effects to make it feel more real. These
effects include shaking and loud noises. There is
constant progress in gaming. There are new
video games that actually have the feeling of
getting shot while playing the game. There is also
the feeling of bumping into walls. This is created
by wearing a vest that sends vibrations to your
back and sides.

Games of the Future

Car Models are created through virtual
reality. They use a virtual model to
simulate how a car will react in an
accident and how to create a car to
fit a persons needs.

Students in medical school use virtual
reality to help them train in actual
events. This helps them to learn
about new diseases and to explore
the inside of a body to perform

Virtual reality helps in pilot and combat
training. It helps future pilots to feel
what its like to fly a plane and be up in
the air. It helps them to know how to
control an aircraft and what to do in

Simulation of Combat and Pilot


Virtual reality can help people train
for future jobs.

Virtual reality can be fun by creating
new games.

Virtual reality can help the safety of

Virtual reality can help people
change their environment when they
need a break.


Virtual reality can cause paranoia by
causing people to became less
socially interactive, which can create
a non
trust issue with people.

The cost of virtual reality for scientist
is very high.

Virtual reality gives people unrealistic

Virtual Reality in the Future

People are not sure where virtual
reality will take us. It will soon reach
a point of realism and 3
D sounds
will eventually be added. People are
trying to create virtual reality that
includes all five senses. An example
is in Japan they have just added an
odor to websites of restaurants so
people can smell the food and want
to go there.