Module 4 Unit 3

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Module 4

Unit 3

Unit3 Task

Writing a proposal



Skills building 1:

distinguishing between facts and opinions

We often need to be able to tell facts from
opinions in order to make good judgments
and draw conclusions.

Look at some pictures and try to tell
facts from opinions.

Thanks to the snowfall in November, the
ski season has finally opened in Urumqi.




In my opinion, the lovely child enjoys
skiing. Do you think so?


A shop assistant shows toy pigs at a store
in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, on Monday,
Dec. 4, 2006. Pig ornaments become
popular in China.


Are the pigs lovely? I think they must be
popular with people, especially young


A fact is a piece of information that is
proved to be true.

Facts can tell us:





What is a fact ?

What is an opinion?

An opinion is a feeling or belief.

People may start the sentences with:

In my opinion, …

I (don’t) believe / think (that) …

It seems (that) / looks like …

1.China has a total land area of over 9.6
million km

2.On 15th October 2003, the first Chinese
person went into space.

3. I believe our painting is worth quite a
lot of money.

Part A Facts or opinions?




4. Suzhou is over 80 km away from

5. It seems that people prefer living in

6. I think that people who litter should be

7. Mr. Wang came home to find his
computer broken.





Part B
Listen and circle the correct

1 Fact / Opinion 2 Fact / Opinion

3 Fact / Opinion 4 Fact / Opinion

5 Fact / Opinion 6 Fact / Opinion

Listening text

1 The technology behind RealCine is
virtual reality. This is a new way of
filming that makes people and things
appear real and lifelike.

2 RealCine excites all five of our senses,
but especially the senses of hearing and
sight. This is a new way to make us feel
part of the film.

3 It seems that virtual reality can help us
achieve our goals. We can be anything
we want to be in a film, from a famous
footballer to a character from history.

4 Experiments have shown that virtual
reality can make teenagers work
harder. They will work harder because
they can see and feel their studies and
their results get better.

5 I would like to see more films made
with virtual reality as they would be
exciting and full of wonderful sights
and sounds.

6 It looks like virtual reality could be the
most important technology in the world.
I imagine that the new computer
software for RealCine will be really
wonderful to use.

Read a letter concerning problems with
the school computer room. And try to
complete a note sheet.

Step 1 completing a note sheet

Name of student:

Date of visit to computer room:


Computer number:

Cao Ying

Senior High 1

Sunday, 2nd March

10 a.m.

2 p.m.

PC (No.7)

Problems with computer:

The keyboard had letters missing, the
mouse wouldn’t move the cursor
around the screen properly, would not

Tried other PCs, but they were in
worse condition.

Solution tried:

Other problems:

Old and slow, often crash, not connected
to the Internet, can only run one
program at one time, keyboards with
missing letters, mouses not working

Need to have new computers.


We have known much about the computer
room from the letter. Do you want to know
more information about

it? And how?

By interviewing other students.

What questions would you ask, when you

interview someone?


When/What time do you usually…?

How often do you…?

How many times do you…?


Skills building 2:

asking for information


Why do you…?

For what reason(s) do you…?


What problem(s) have you got…?


What do you think can be done to solve

the problem(s)?

Complete the questions according to the

1. _____do you usually go to your local
cinema to watch a film?

I usually to to the cinema to watch a
film on Saturday evenings.

2._________do you go there to watch a

I go there to watch a film twice a month.


How often

3. ____ do you think so many people
would like RealCine?

Lots of people would like RealCine
because they can experience something
that they might never experience in real


4._____________ do you think RealCine
could have?

Tickets for this kind of film might be too

What problem

5. _____ do you think can be done to solve
this problem?

I think more developed computer
techniques can be used to reduce the
cost of making such films.


Have you mastered these questions? If
not, read through them now.

Part A Listen to an interview and
complete the interview form.

Interview form

Usual time of use

Frequency of use

Reasons for use

in the afternoon

Monday, Thursday, Friday

for school work

three times a week:

Step 2:

finding out about the computer room

Problems found

keyboards, CPUs, RAM, no DVD
drives, too small hard drives, no
Internet connection, no sound card, slow
and ugly PCs, very old software

buy new computers and software

Recommendations for improvement



: Good afternoon, I see you have

just finished working in the

computer room. Would you

please answer some questions

about the computers?

: With pleasure. What would

you like to know?

: How many times do you use the

computer in the computer room

a week, and at what time?

: Oh, I usually come here in the

afternoon, three times a week, on

Monday, Thursday and Friday.

: Why do you use the computer

room? Is it for personal use or

for school work?

: Always for school work. I do

my homework and I use

programmes to make pictures

for Art class. This week, I made

a picture and wrote a speech

for next week’s English project.

: So, you’re quite good with

computers then?

: Yes, I am. My parents would

like to see me use computers

more so I can get a better job in

the future.

: Would you tell me what

problems you have had in the

computer room?

: Wow! There are so many. Well,

the keyboards need to be

replaced and the CPUs need to be

updated along with the RAM,

and we should have DVD


: Keyboards, CPUs, RAM,

ROM drives, anything else?

: Yes, the hard drives are too

small. It would also be good if

we had the Internet to do

some research and send e

and a sound card because some

websites have listening

programmes. Also the PCs are

very slow and they look ugly.

: Really? What do you think

should be done about the

computers so that you would use

the computer room more often?

: I think we should buy new

machines to replace the present

computers. We should buy some

new software too.

: Well, thanks for all your

comments. Goodbye.

: Bye.

Part B Interview someone using the
questions and vocabulary on Page55.

a student:

just using the computer in the

computer room.

Feeling quite disappointed at

the present state of the

computer room.

a reporter:

considering that computers

should be changed for new
and better ones.

Wanting to find out more
about the computer room.

Skills building 3:

formal writing

When you write

a business proposal, a
report or a letter

to a stranger, what
should you make sure?

We should make sure that the style is




Here are some general rules to help you.

Do not be personal.

Do not tell jokes or try to be funny.

Do not use contractions or
unnecessary abbreviations.

Do not use slang.


Always be polite.

Use a serious tone.

Use formal greetings and endings.

Use titles and surnames.

Use Dear Sir/Madam if you don’t know
the person’s name.


Formal or informal ? Just have a try.

1. I’m sure the teacher won’t mind you
using the computer.

2. I would like to propose some new
purchase for the computer room.

3. So nice to hear from you again,




4.Dear Sir/Madam.

5.Thank you for your time and



Part A You have interviewed many
students and gathered more information
about the school computer room. Read
your notes and then complete the
summary of the survey. For example,

Let’s look at some of your notes first.

Step 3:

writing a proposal for a new computer

no Internet access

keyboards and
mouses are too old

Only one printer



buy more

Ok, let’s complete the survey now.


Suggested solution

There is no

Internet access.

The monitors,
keyboards and
mouses are too old.

There is only one

Computer should be

connected to Internet.

They should be

More should be

Part B Write a proposal

Your school is planning to build a new
gym. You would prefer the school to
improve the computer room instead.

Write a proposal to your principal to
explain why.


the government’s desire for more IT

in education

2. the development of more IT lessons in

all subjects

3. the importance of computer skills in

further studies and future careers

4. parents’ opinions

What may you want to mention?

A survey on students’ opinions was carried


Students believe/feel/find/think that …

It was suggested that…

As more and more subjects involves the

use of IT, …

In order to prepare ourselves for the


I am sure that most parents would (not) …

Useful phrases

A sample

Dear Sir,

Recently, a survey about the school
computer room was carried out in our
school. The students find the design of the
computer room impractical. They are not
interested in studying there because of

I am writing this proposal to you to voice

opinion that the computer room
needs improving.
There are not enough computers in our
computer room. The computers that we
use at the moment are old and slow, and
they often crash, which wastes a lot of

The computers there are not connected
to the Internet, so we can not get the
information that we need for our
homework. There is only one printer in
the room, which always goes wrong. In
addition, the room is too hot in summer.

As more and more subjects involved in IT,
the computer room is playing a very
important role in our studies nowadays. We
are encouraged to use computers to do our
homework and get information from the
Internet. Now many factories and
companies cannot work without computers,
so those who have computer skills are easier
to find a job.

In order to get ourselves well prepared
for the future, we need a well
computer room. I am sure that most
parents would agree with our proposal
that our school should improve the
computer room.

The government says we should have

more IT in all subjects, and more
subjects are developing rapidly with the
help of IT. Computer skills are
becoming more and more important in
further studies.

We will not keep up with the
development of society if we are not good
at using computers. So we have a new
computer room and hope that you will
seriously consider our request.

Best wishes,

Senior High 1

Wang Hua

1. Go through the contents in the Task

2. Preview the Project part.