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Chapter Thirteen

Directing the Future of Convention
and Meeting Technology

Impact of the Internet

Uses of Technology

Site selection

Online registration and application practices,


Housing and bookings

Logistics management

Connectivity throughout buildings

Virtual trade shows, video conferencing, virtual

Hand held devices, and


Site Selection VIA the Web

Site selection is the biggest use of the

Websites that invite and reward are the next

Website design has matured from “brochure
ware” to websites that sell

Twenty first
century Internet principals are
more disciplined, demanding that a site make
money by helping visitors find what they

Site Selection VIA the Web

What to look for in a Site Selection Tool

Ease of navigation;

Robust search criteria, including location, brand,
price, meeting space;

The total number of venues/properties listed on
the site. Amenities and services available at a site;

An active link to a facility’s Web site;

Ability to download a brochure or fact sheet;

Access to floor plans, menus, meeting space
capacities, meeting space calculator, virtual tours;

Reporting options.

Site Selection VIA the Web

What to look for in a Request for Proposal
(RFP) tool

Criteria that provides for

Meeting pattern options

Preferred and alternative date options

Sleeping room block information

Event and function requirements

Option to note response and decision dates regarding
the RFP.

Ability to store and save specific search queries,
save RFPs, and modify or update an RFP

Site Selection VIA the Web

What to should look for in a Diagramming tool

Free software!

Scalable space and equipment (feet and metrics)

Are the rules of the industry

industry standards
coded within the program?

Are accurate line
sight angles available?

Can you label items inside and outside of a room?

Can you place equipment outside of a meeting
room or in public spaces?

Site Selection VIA the Web

What to should look for in a Diagramming tool

Can you print an inventory report listing all
equipment required?

Can the software plan a variety of seating layouts?

Can create customized setups?

Can you number banquet seating and produce
seating lists?

Are online diagrams available at the facility’s Web

Online Registration

Four categories of technology
based options:

The over the counter or OTC application

Meeting management software PC solutions

based e
marketing and front
end registration

wide applications.

Online Registration

What to look for in Registration Technology:

pricing options for setting and tracking
registration fees

Options for branding marketing messages and
event sites

Ease of importing and updating your marketing list

Knowing which version and Web browser will work
with an online application

Annual support policy

Online Registration

What to look for in Registration Technology:

How many simultaneous users can the site

Does the system trap for errant or duplicate

Can you integrate the solution with your internal

How long does it take to get up and running?

Can you create sessions and combined event

Can multiple pricing levels be set?

Online Registration

What to look for in Registration Technology:

Can you print name badges in the format and for
the hardware you utilize?

How does the system manage vendor

Will the budgeting interface support your needs?

How are hotel blocks managed?

Is there sub
block management?

How are cancellations and changes processed?

Can the system be integrated with third

Online Registration

What to look for in Registration Technology:

Can you check out a meeting to manage while on
site, or will you need ongoing Internet connectivity
when using a system on site?

Protection of your data

Ability to segment and re
sort your marketing list
or list of registrants

Ability to analyze return rates, bounce rates, and
conversion rates

How the cost is set and calculated

by user, by

Online Registration

What to look for in Registration Technology:

Availability of support when you need it

Cost for customization

Wait list management

How registrations acquired through offline
channels are to be processed

Ability to personalize e
mail messages

Ability to process multiple credit card accounts


Three questions used to begin outlining a
marketing map are:

Who develops and maintains meeting and event

Who develops the event’s marketing plan?

How do you deploy information on your Web site,
and how is your Web site used?


What to ask:

In what delivery channel formats do messages
need to be readied?

How is information edited for each channel?

Are there items requiring secured transfer of
personal data?

Where are the bottlenecks?

Will print response forms be personalized with
unique identifiers?

Housing via the Internet

Three basic categories:

Systems designed for real
time processing with
integration into data warehouses.

Vendors that have carved out strategic
relationships with industry
wide housing switches.

A database, often with front
end Web access, for
holding attendee housing information.

Business Intelligent Software

BIS is software designed to create
databases, and offer processes for
manipulation and presentation of data
in a manner most effective for
managers and other users.

Business Intelligent Software

Must have the following characteristics and/or

Full capability to sort, analyze and present data to
reveal trends

within a business.

The ability to integrate corporate data in order to
support decision

Capacity to gather and store all relevant
information needed to make
informed business

Business Intelligent Software

Must have the following characteristics and/or

BIS must integrate and transform raw data into

The data must be easy to interpret allowing for
more rapid

making processes.

BIS also

trends associated with past
operating procedures and experiences in order to
discover opportunities, and uncover weaknesses

Business Intelligent Software

Business Intelligent Software




Market Player

Hotel Direct


Convention Center Technology

First generation (G1)

“box with a dock”

Second generation (G2)

“pretty boxes”

Third generation (G3)

“boxes like very large hotel rooms”

Fourth Generation (G4)

are designed today with the surrounding culture in
mind as well as a abundance of integrated high

Convention Center Technology

Technology Impact

High speed and wireless Internet

Meeting spaces (rooms, hotels, & centers)

Marketing by c
ities, convention and visitor’s bureaus, and
convention centers to prospective clients.


Conferencing tools

Registration and web sites for capturing credit card

Convention Center Technology

Technology Impact

"Smart Card," a data
storage device providing
centers and associations with valuable attendee

Registration and contact information

Session attendance

Product purchases


optic and broadband data and voice and
video transmissions, allowing exchange

information with outside parties.

Convention Center Technology

Connectivity Options

speed connectivity. to Virtual Private
Networks (VPNs)

Design flexibilities. wired or wireless network &
flexible bandwidth

Dedicated recording facilities. to facilitate both
audio recording and session duplication

Videoconferencing functionality is an essential
need for Web conferencing or Web casting.

Convention Center Technology

Connectivity Options

Availability of “dark fiber” cabling allows
companies to establish private networks outside of
the convention center network.

Event boards. Plasma or LED event boards
promote sponsors and communicate information
to attendees.

Guest room connectivity linking back to the
convention center.

Wireless LAN network access.

Convention Center Technology

Connectivity Options

Cyber cafes and information kiosks provide
meeting information, sponsor messages, industry
news, product locators, e
mailing, message
centers, on
site surveying, PDA download stations,
and hand
held computing synchronization.

Audience response systems

Wireless lead retrieval and tracking systems.

Fully equipped business center with extended
operating hours.

Virtual Trade Shows

Guidelines to virtual reality:

Note services provided by other trade shows
(physical and virtual) and offer these features

Consider simple and easy design with useful and
intuitive site navigation.

Keep the site simple and attractive.

Capture and qualify users

Virtual Trade Shows

Guidelines to virtual reality:

Offer exhibitors a range of value
added services

Stream audio and video

site demonstrations and training

Preferred locations on the show floor

Provide attendees with value
added features


chat rooms.

Apply basic marketing concepts and cross
promote your virtual site

Virtual Trade Shows

Guidelines to virtual reality:

Provide online giveaways or discounted

Offer online credit card processing.

Clearly state your privacy policy

Make absolutely certain you secure all

Provide a database of vendors who are exhibiting

Video Conferencing

Bandwidth falls into one of three categories:


Greater than a Pentium III and a 128K modem

Sophisticated services

motion video/audio streaming.

Medium band

Pentium II with a 56K or better modem

Streaming video and audio is less reliable than broadband

Low band

Pentium I with a 28K or less modem

Need to be supported by audio conferencing services.

Referred to a Web
enhanced audio conferencing services.

Video Conferencing

way session

No interaction, or delayed interaction through a
in line for taking questions from remote

The Webcast presentation can be live or taped.

way session

a high degree of interaction among a smaller team

Microsoft’s Net Meeting or Symantec’s PC

Applications require technical know

Video Conferencing

way, with high
end media

way communications and higher
end media

quality lighting, sound, and production

An interactive web cast event

point or point

Broadcast to service centers where an audience
can gather, or to other corporate locations

Broadcast via satellite or push through the

Video Conferencing

party Service Providers

Offer technical, moderating, and scheduling

Provide control and quality assurance

Offer useful utilities to validate that both hardware
and connectivity are appropriate

Provide online technical assistance

Green Technology

An Example

David L. Lawrence Convention Center
Pittsburgh, PA

30 to 50 percent obtained in energy savings

Water Conservation

Water taken from an under water aquifer

Used to reduce energy consumption for heating/cooling

All plants and landscape are native

No need for water sprinklers around the facility

Green Technology

An Example

Energy conservation

the design of the sloped roof pulls up cool breezes

creates a naturally ventilated exhibit hall

Natural lighting will be used throughout the building

Blackout shades are available to darken rooms or to
control temperatures

Use materials that emit fewer toxins

25% of the building is constructed with recycled

Local materials used in order to cut down
transportation costs.


Impact of the Internet

Online Registration


Housing via the Internet

Business Intelligent Software

Convention Center Technology

Connectivity Options

Virtual Trade Shows, Video Conferencing

Green Technology